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Galaxy Disco (Commercial, 1976)

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FuzzBeat Presents What's Happening... ;-)

Here's a totally groovy commercial for the Galaxy Discotheque, located at 37 East Lorraine Road in Addison, IL. $1 per person cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays! It was a "million dollar discotheque", had an "exciting sound activated dance floor", "ultrasonic" sound system, free dance instructions Sundays and Mondays at 9pm, "plenty of free parking", and was "adjacent to the Stardust Bowl" (which is still open!). What's no...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Jerry Springer - "Adult Babies" (Part 1, 1992)

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Now here's some quality entertainment...In honor of my new ascent into fatherhood and diaper changing (descent?), here is a (vintage?) Jerry Springer episode on WMAQ Channel 5 dealing with the very delicate (and absorbent) topic of Adult Babies. I seem to remember this show was on very early in the morning at this point - I think I set my VCR timer to record this one. :-)

Part 1 features Jerry interviewing "Stephanie" (real-name Denise), a graduate student who's into wearing ...

WTTW Channel 11 - Medical Self-Help Training - "Infant and Child Care" (Part 1, 1963)

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Here's the first part of an edition of an ongoing series called Medical Self-Help Training on WTTW Channel 11, hosted by Dr. Max Klinghoffer, Chairman of the Illinois State Medical Society's (ISMS) Disaster Medical Care Committee. This installment deals with the topic of "Infant and Child Care."

This rare surviving program from the early years of Chicago's "Window to the World" came directly from a 2" Quad tape that was found a few months ago in the basement archives...

Moore Animation - "Demo Reel" (1979?)

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Here's a demo reel for Moore Animation, which specialized in live action, animation and production.

This came from a 3/4" Umatic tape that was kept by Cathy Mustari, art director for WFLD Channel 32 from 1974 to the late '80's, from a time when the station was actively shopping for production houses to handle their graphics for opens/closes, bumpers, promos, etc.

This reel begins with the company logo and a voiceover (by Paul Frees), and includes the following:

WTTW Channel 11 - The Captioned ABC News (1978)

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Here's the first ten minutes of The Captioned ABC News on WTTW Channel 11, which was a replay of the evening's edition of World News Tonight that had aired earlier (at 5:30pm) on WLS Channel 7. The anchors were Max Robinson in Chicago, Peter Jennings in London (on assignment) and Frank Reynolds in Washington, with commentary by Howard K. Smith, and Barbara Walters with a special report (alas, of these five, only Reynolds and Robinson are the ones with significant airtime; the o...

WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 at 10pm - "Gas Crunch" (Partial Commercial Break & News Excerpt, 1979)

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Here's a partial commercial break and partial NewsCenter5 special report on the gas crunch and efforts to spur conservation, as aired on WMAQ Channel 5. With anchor Jim Ruddle and correspondent Roberta Baskin. Includes:

Incomplete, partial commercial for WLAK 94 FM Stereo, with a theme of 94 being everywhere - including at the Chicago Board of Trade, the price of a fur coat, and a Chicago Bulls score

Jim Ruddle reads a news item about California Governor...

WBBM Channel 2 - 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 6, 1985)

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Here's Part 6 of the (mostly complete) 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards broadcast.

This part features a musical salute to prime-time television by the Dick Marx Orchestra (Dynasty, Hill Street Blues, and Dallas), Mary Ann Childers, Rich Koz (with a Warren Freiberg reference to this event from the previous month), Irv Kupcinet, another Frank Chambers reference as producer of The Bob Lewando...

WLS Channel 7 - The ABC Friday Night Movie - "The Night That Panicked America" (Opening, 1975)

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Here's the opening moments of The ABC Friday Night Movie presentation of the made-for-TV movie "The Night That Panicked America" on WLS Channel 7. This telepic dramatized the behind-the-scenes events regarding Orson Welles' October 30th 1938 Mercury Theatre broadcast of H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds," and the panic that ensued across the nation. Mr. Welles was played in this telepic by Paul Shenar; also featured were Tom Bosley, Vic Morrow, Meredith Baxter, Eileen Brennan...

A Charlie Brown Christmas - "Sponsored By..." (1984)

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Here is a "Sponsored By..." message for a broadcast of A Charlie Brown Christmas from:

Almost Home Family Style Cookies
Peter Paul Cadbury

This aired on local Chicago TV on Wednesday, December 5th 1984.