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Contributors Roll of Honor

Since the MCCTv's founding in 2007, many broadcast industry professionals, both in front of and behind the camera, have generously donated material to our archive. We wanted to pay special tribute to them here. They include:

Jack Taylor (WGN-TV)
Mike Leiderman (WMAQ-TV and WFLD-TV)
Al Lerner (WLS-TV and WSNS-TV)
Linda Lerner (WBBM-TV)
Britta Fayette (WMAQ-TV)
Barry Bernson (WMAQ-TV)
Steve Edwards (WLS-TV)
Terry Anzur (WBBM-TV)
Rick Kotrba (WTTW-TV)
Mary Ann Childers (WLS-TV)
Mike Torchia (WLS-TV and WSNS-TV)
Ben Hollis (WTTW-TV)
Ron Weiner (WGN-TV)
Charles Zenkus (WSNS-TV)
Marty Robinson (WTTW-TV)
Lori Savitch (sister of Jessica Savitch)
Jim Ruddle (WMAQ-TV)
Robb Weller (WLS-TV)
Jorie Lueloff (WMAQ-TV)
The Family of Tim Weigel - Jenniffer And Rafer Weigel (WLS-TV)
Kenneth Montone (WBBM-TV)
Garry Willis (WSNS-TV)
Neal Sabin (WCIU-TV and WPWR-TV)
Norman Mark (WMAQ-TV)
Deb Segal (WBBM-TV)
Steve Hart (WSNS-TV)
Howard Malis (WLS-TV)
Cathy Mustari (WFLD-TV)
Jack Mulqueen (WCIU-TV)
Val Bettin (WTTW-TV)
Russ Ewing (WMAQ-TV and WLS-TV)
Pete Marino (WGN-TV)
Sheldon Cooper (WGN-TV)
Jim Martin (Puppeteer on The Great Space Coaster)
Drew Leach (WCIU-TV)
Tim Morris (WFLD-TV)
Marjorie Fox (WMAQ-TV)
Carol Sapienza (WLS-TV)
Kurt Mendelsohn (WSNS-TV)
Don Shannon (WFLD-TV)
Brian VanderBroucke (WSNS-TV)
Bob Kastigar (WGN-TV)
Dilllon Smith (WMAQ-TV)
Joe Oher (WFLD-TV and WSNS-TV)
Gary Peterson (WLS-TV)
Dave Dillman (WFLD-TV and WTTW-TV)
The Family of Ron Hunter (WMAQ-TV)
Rick Garofalo (WGN-TV)
Karen Yellen Dillon (WLS-TV)
Jeff Lupetin (WFLD-TV)
Frank Chambers, Jr. (WCIU-TV and WFLD-TV)
Mike Prendergast (WGN-TV)
Don Ferris (WTTW-TV and WSNS-TV)
Tom Weinberg ( and WTTW-TV)
Libby Collins (WCIU-TV)

and many more...

Additional Contributors

Many others have contributed their time, money, expertise, or those all-important home-recorded videotapes that we love so much. Here, in tribute, are the names of some of our most valued and appreciated contributors.

Dr. Elaine Pavelka, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Morton College
Rick L. Pollack (source of the incredible 'Bucktown' Collection)
Mike Fayette (The Mike and Britta Fayette Collection)
Daniel McAvoy
Randy Dry
Greg Dambek
Matthew Shimkus
Jeff Martin
Duane Kucera
Henry Ruh
Geoff Lucas
Rich Szablewski
Dennis Polkow
Mia Bass
Alan and Laurel Freeman
Matt Lazaro
Paul Lindblad
Walt Marcis
Mike & Jessica Brown
Bob DeBartolo
Marty Zivin
Rich Koz
Lorelei Shark
Jesse Skeen
Kenneth Tazelaar
Suzanne Cosgrove
Christopher Anton
Ridgewood High School
Greg Hilbrich
Matthew Poff
Joe Lynn
Sloane Carrico
Ben Minnotte
Ron Kordick
Scott Greig
Guy Spiller
Bob Gassel
Amy Merrick
John Schultz
Tom Ferraro
Michael Lans
Bowie Poag
Jason Gough
Chris Hadley
Jerome Kowalewski
Gary Zielinski
John Grochowski
Andrew Leonard
Al Borowski
Kevin Burk
Keith Smith
Dave Lennie
John Bidstrup
Bruce Esquibel
Kent Daluga
Joseph Bartodziej
Dave Morey
Morris Krumhorn
Michael Moore
Glenn "Mickey" Raye
Tony Letrich
Jim Bernal
Dr. Frank Allen Philpot
Alan Babbitt
Rick Brozak
Ken Watson
Bob Friedlander
Heather Bricker
Roy Cox
Jonathan Dietch
Mark Ream
Jack Demus
Ray D. Glasser
Eric Hultgren
Don R. Denton
Mike Boyce
Donald Briggs
Larry Roberts, Jr.
Bob Craig
Tim Fairbank
June Marshall
David J. Quinn
John Lyle, Jr.
Richard Sackley
Michael Fennessy
Tony Portnoy
Kasey Ignarski
Nancy F. Travisano
Mark Liptak
John Bialas
Susan Giancola
Heather Gross
Dave Morrison
Mark Dereng
Ken Ehrlich
Steve Jajkowski
Larry Einhorn
Frank Carr
Matthew Webb
John Kula
Jim Piscitelli
Jason Katzwinkel
George Jen
Jared Brame
Gina Grano
Michael Benisek
Duanne Walton
Jim Talbot
Phil Satterley
Larry Charet
Karl Klockars
Gene Christianson
Linda Frost (Linda Concoby)
Dean Monti
Tanya Bujanski
Rob Walker
The Lipschutz Family

The Search Goes On

The Museum of Classic Chicago Television (FuzzyMemoriesTV) is constantly searching out vintage material on old videotapes saved in basements or attics, or sold at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and everywhere in between. Some of it would be completely lost to history if it were not for our efforts. The local TV stations have, for the most part, regrettably done a poor job at preserving their history. Tapes were very expensive 25-30 years ago and there also was a lack of vision on the importance of preserving this material back then. If the material does not exist on a studio master tape, what is to be done? Do we simply disregard the thousands of off-air recordings that still exist holding precious "lost" material? We believe this would be a tragic mistake.

There are many examples of Chicago TV shows which, out of the decades of episodes (in some cases) that were produced, only a handful of them have survived in station's archives or in other museums. Therefore, in many cases, the last hope for finding additional material lies in the hands of collectors who search out and find homemade, off-air recordings. Any "lost" episodes of a show that may turn up over time often come from collectors and preservationists who specifically search for these things. There are many instances where found material was later donated to the Copyright holder in order for them to use it commercially. (The British program Doctor Who, for example) Therefore, a site such as this serves a very useful purpose in helping to promote, locate, and preserve rare historical material.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

We have many hundreds of hours of vintage Chicago broadcasts, and get new additions every month. Still, there are many gaps of shows, certain years, and channels - so we are always looking for more. See below for how you can help in the fight to preserve Classic Chicago Television before it is lost forever...

- Rick Klein
Chief Curator and Founder
The Museum of Classic Chicago Television