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The Museum of Classic Chicago Television (www.FuzzyMemories.TV) is an IRS-classified 501(3) tax-exempt, non-profit charity organization, incorporated in the State of Illinois. Donations are gladly accepted and are 100% tax-deductable to you. (if you choose to take the deduction - it's up to you) Upon request, you will receive a letter giving our Federal EIN, which you can use when you file your taxes for a charitable deduction.

What do we accept as a donation?

1) A monetary donation is gladly accepted, and will go directly toward many worthwhile needs such as obtaining new vintage tape collections, purchasing & refurbishing old video tape players, website hosting fees, web design and programming fees, blank DVD-Rs, storage fees for our tape archives, etc...

Donate here:

2) Any old tape recordings off of Chicago TV made in the '70s up until the mid-eighties that you might have. Ideally, with all or most of the original commercial breaks intact, although if you have a program that is important in itself, such as Bozo's Circus, or some other locally produced program, then commercials are not necessary. We are currently accepting anything (and we do mean *anything* - news, sports, TV shows, movies, TV sign-offs, boring junk that only we'd find interesting, etc...) - we are putting our official cut-off date as 1985, although obviously the older the material the more interest it would be to us. (if you have something more recent than 1985, you can e-mail us anyway - we may still be interested in it!) Note: If you don't want to give up your original tape, we will gladly transfer it to DVD for you so that you can hold on to the original.

Email us here: