WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 at 10pm - "Gas Crunch" (Partial Commercial Break & News Excerpt, 1979)

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Here's a partial commercial break and partial NewsCenter5 special report on the gas crunch and efforts to spur conservation, as aired on WMAQ Channel 5. With anchor Jim Ruddle and correspondent Roberta Baskin. Includes:

Incomplete, partial commercial for WLAK 94 FM Stereo, with a theme of 94 being everywhere - including at the Chicago Board of Trade, the price of a fur coat, and a Chicago Bulls score

Jim Ruddle reads a news item about California Governor Jerry Brown proposing to force counties in his state to have odd-numbered license plates fill up for gas on one day and even-numbered license plates the next, as part of an emergency gas allocation plan

This leads to the concluding part of a special series of reports from Roberta Baskin about the gas crunch, spotlighting efforts by car companies to decrease the weight and size of new cars to conform to looming Federal fuel economy standards (including changing the design of their tires and a "Pro-Co" [Program Combustion] engine developed by Ford). Scenes of auto assembly at Ford's Dearborn, MI plant are shown. Also features interviews with Herb Hugo of Platt's Oilgram and consumer advocate Ralph Nader; the tape cuts out in the middle of his interview.

This aired on local Chicago TV (most likely) Friday, May 4th 1979 during the 10:00pm to 10:30pm timeframe.

Date Uploaded: 07/05/2013

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This aired on local Chicago TV (most likely) Friday, May 4th 1979 during the 10:00pm to 10:30pm timeframe." /> Share


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Smctopia 07/05/2013 Reply

I'm getting the audio but no video for this clip.

Pete 07/05/2013 Reply

And Governor Brown is STILL an idiot. I guess the more things change, the more they remain the same....

Herb Hugo looks like a real life Big Boy (award yourself 20 points if you got the joke) and Ralph Nader bears an uncanny resemblance to Kramer....

LaPrincess 07/05/2013 Reply

Pete, I still think Illinois has California beat in terms of moronic governors but California is definitely next. The Big Boy reference made me laugh (Big Boy makes me laugh)but to me he looks more like Mr Schneider, the dummy from the Monkees. Nader is an interesting person to say the least.

Pete 07/05/2013 Reply

LOL! I thought of Quinn when I made my comment. *DSM reference*

OddityArchive 07/06/2013 Reply

"I'm Ralph Nader, and I personally endorse the Flowbee." (I may or may not have made up that quote)