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WNBQ Channel 5 - The Dorsey Connors Show (Part 2, 1963)

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Here's Part 2 (the final part) of an edition of The Dorsey Connors Show on WNBQ Channel 5 (which, like most shows of this period, is only available via 16mm kinescope film). Ms. Connors, who died on September 5th 2007, was a fixture on Chicago radio and television in the early years of the latter medium, with a daytime program that was along the lines of shows such as that of Lee Phillip on WBBM Channel 2. But whereas Ms. Phillip continually remade herself (and in the process, remain...

WCIU Channel 26 - The Ginny Tiu Show (Part 1, 1969)

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Here's Part 1 of The Ginny Tiu Show which aired on WCIU Channel 26. Ms. Tiu was a child prodigy pianist whose chief claim to fame was playing by ear and not being able to read a note, and who was a familiar presence on such 1960's TV series as The Ed Sullivan Show, Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall, and a 1966 episode of I've Got a Secret (from Steve Allen's run as host), as well as appearing in the 1962 Elvis Presley film Girls! Girls! Girls! In later years, ...

WTVT Channel 13 - Pulse Featuring Jim Ruddle (Part 7, 1964)

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Here's Part 7 of Pulse, the evening newscast of WTVT Channel 13 in Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida, which featured Jim Ruddle as St. Petersburg anchor and Hugh Smith as Tampa anchor. This rare edition was transferred from the original 2" quad tape. This part features sports director "Salty" Sol Fleischman and national anchor / news director Ray Dantzler. Includes:

"Salty" Sol on the following items:

- More on the 10 millionth barrel of beer rolled out b...

WTVT Channel 13 - Pulse Featuring Jim Ruddle (Part 2, 1964)

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Here's Part 2 of Pulse, the nightly newscast of WTVT Channel 13 in Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida. This rare edition was transferred from the original 2" quad tape. Featuring Hugh Smith in Tampa, and future Chicago TV news anchor Jim Ruddle in St. Petersburg. Includes:

Hugh Smith, in Tampa, reading the following items:

- Governor-elect Haydon Burns hoping that State Legislature won't have to deal with reapportionment until after its regular session; he...

WTVT Channel 13 - Pulse Featuring Jim Ruddle (Part 1, 1964)

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Here's Part 1 of a complete edition of Pulse, the nightly newscast of WTVT Channel 13 in Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida (then a CBS affiliate, now affiliated with Fox). This newscast - transferred from the original 2" quad videotape - is notable in that one of the anchors, based out of the station's St. Petersburg studios, was Jim Ruddle, some three months before he first joined WGN Channel 9 in Chicago as co-anchor with Gary Park of The Park-Ruddle Report, as the beginning of...

WFMT 98.7 FM - "The Big Snow" (Excerpts, 1967)

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50 Years Ago Today!!!

Here's a rare radio aircheck from "Chicago's Fine Arts Station," WFMT 98.7 FM, on the morning of the infamous Blizzard of '67. This features Jim Unrath, Marty Robinson (one of the main off-camera announcers, and on-air personalities during pledge drives, for WTTW Channel 11 for many years), and Norm Pellegrini. Includes:

Jim Unrath starting off this clip by signing on the station - and mentioning this was to have been the 211th anni...

Greatest Fights of the Century - "Louis vs. Marciano, October 1951" (1953)

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Here's a vintage episode of a 15-minute series, Greatest Fights of the Century, hosted by Jim Stevenson, which ran on the NBC Network from 1948 to 1954 (after Gillette Cavalcade of Sports) and, in Chicago, aired Friday nights on WNBQ Channel 5 at 9:45pm. This was from an original 16mm print, with the Academy leader leading it off. Includes:

Opening, with sponsor billboard for Vaseline Hair Tonic and Vaseline Cream Hair Tonic (voiceover by Phil Tonken, one of the...

WFLA Channel 8 - Channel 8 Reports (Part 4, 1965)

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Here's Part 4 (the final part) of an edition of Channel 8 Reports on WFLA Channel 8 in Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida, anchored by Arch Deal. Also featuring longtime sports director Milt Spencer.


Milt Spencer reading the following sports items:

- High school basketball scores (only one of which was played in Tampa), printed on a long sheet and panned down: Brandon 72, King High 58; East Bay 94, Brewster Tech 46; Pasco 64, Plant C...

WNBQ Channel 5 - Flight 529 [Crash] (Part 2, 1961)

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This clip made possible by the donations from our generous group of "Fuzzketeers" during the Spring 2012 Tape Transfer Fundraiser.

Here's Part 2, the final part, of a special report on the crash of TWA Flight 529 on WNBQ Channel 5 (which became WMAQ Channel 5 on August 31st 1964), produced by NBC News Chicago. The anchor of this report is Charles McCuen. Also featuring Floyd Kal...