WMAQ Channel 5 - Editorial 5 - "ERA for Illinois" (1976)

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Here's an Editorial on WMAQ Channel 5 given by Dillon Smith, Editorial Director, on the topic of the E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment) and the work being done to ratify it in Illinois. (preceded by a WMAQ-TV station ID slide)

Editorial Voiceovers by Henry Cooke. (thanks to Deb Segal for finally id'ing this other mystery announcer)

Also includes a slide-only bumper commercial for the John G. Shedd Aquarium (hey, is that Dory?) (voiceover by Lorry Young)

WMAQ-TV - Editorial 5
Dillon Smith, Editorial Director
Lee Hanna, General Manager

This aired on local Chicago TV Saturday, May 22nd 1976 at a few minutes before 10:30pm.

Date Uploaded: 06/25/2016

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W.B. 06/26/2016 Reply

Aha, Henry Cooke. How long was he with WMAQ? Ditto for Lorry Young.

As for Lee Hanna - he was brought in by parent network NBC to 'MAQ in 1976 to try to lift the station from last place, after propelling NYC sister station WNBC Channel 4 to the top with its 2-hour "NewsCenter4" newscast. Alas, for a variety of reasons, Mr. Hanna's tenure at WMAQ didn't work out and he was gone by 1978. Ron Powers, in the 1980 edition of his book "The Newscasters: The News Business As Show Business," had a section about Mr. Hanna's ill-fated WMAQ foray in his chapter of the ups and downs of WNBC's "starship newscast."

W.B. 06/26/2016 Reply

P.S. Modified clip description to correct the spelling of the esteemed editorial director.