WMAQ Channel 5 - Editorial 5 - "Season's Greetings from the Smith Family" (1979)

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(Wish I could have posted this last December, but alas, I often come upon these clips too late. Still, I am sure Dillon Smith's family will enjoy seeing this clip if they haven't for awhile).

Here's a Christmas-themed editorial started off by WMAQ Channel 5's Editorial Director Dillon Smith at the family's home, in which he says he's in no mood to complain about the Mayor, the state of city government and so on, and instead turns over the soapbox on a rotating basis to his children (in order of first appearance): Colleen Smith, Kerry Smith, Lisa Smith, and Kevin Smith, all of whom take turns describing the spirit and significance of Christmas, and how some people don't have the holiday amenities they have.

The family concludes the editorial by wishing everybody a Merry Christmas.

Ending title card:

Editorial 5
Dillon Smith - Editorial Director
Monte Newman - General Manager

This aired on local Chicago TV in 1979.

Date Uploaded: 02/26/2013

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