WSET Channel 13 - News 13 (Preview, Break & Opening, 1977)

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Here's the preview, commercial break, and opening moments of the early evening edition of News 13 on ABC affiliate WSET Channel 13 in Lynchburg, Virginia. The anchor is Stan Jayson, with reports by Jeff Taylor, ABC News' John Martin, and Jenny Smith. The on-air text is set in fonts that were part of the same 3M Datavision package as in use back then at our own WSNS Channel 44. Includes:

News preview (voiceover by Jeff Taylor) with teases of following items:
- Voters electing a new Governor in Virginia
- Governor Godwin declaring emergency after flooding
- In sports, Texas remains #1
- Forecast for fair weather

Commercial: Bowen Jewelry - where you can buy diamonds of varying sizes, for varying prices (voiceover by ??)

Commercial: 1978 Chrysler Cordoba (all right, where's Ricardo Montalban and his Corinthian leather?) (voiceover by ??)

Commercial: Fabric World - must sell $100,000 worth of inventory in next 2 weeks, with sales up to 75% off, and draperies and accessories at 25% off - at Lynchburg, Roanoke and Danville (voiceover by ??)

Station ID slide (voiceover by ??)

Opening titles (without theme music - imagine that!), with wide shot of news set (voiceover by Jeff Taylor)

Stan starts off with news of Election Day in Virginia, with Jeff Taylor at Ward #1, Precinct #2 at Bedford Hills Elementary School (in the process, as he prepares to vote, he gives out his (home?) address - 4715 Boonsboro Road in Lynchburg - couldn't do that today in this era of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and identity theft!); voters were choosing a new Governor (and chose Republican John Dalton over Democrat Henry Howell), Lieutenant Governor (with Democrat Charles Robb, son-in-law of the late President Lyndon B. Johnson, defeating Republican Joe Canada) and Attorney General (Republican Marshall Coleman won over Democrat Edward Lane), plus five bond issues totaling $125 million and dealing with educational institutions, correctional facilities, mental health facilities, parks and recreational facilities, and port facilities, on the ballot; voter turnout is heavy despite rain, and polls close at 7:00pm; results will be tallied after the news at 11:30pm

Stan then introduces a short report by ABC News' John Martin (highlighted by the 100 Hz - 5 kHz telco audio) about the 1932 Presidential election, which saw Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover defeated by Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt who would go on to serve a total of four terms - the only President to do so

Other news:

- Governor Miles Godwin (who could not run for re-election owing to term limits) declares an emergency in Southwest Virginia after a flood that damaged homes, businesses and roads on Sunday (the 6th); reporter Jenny Smith cites Godwin's estimates of damage at $13 million in Smith County alone, with $1-1/2 million estimated to repair the roads in Smith and Grayson Counties; over 100 families were displaced from their homes, and 2,700 thrown out of work; Godwin seeking Presidential emergency declaration from Washington

- 77-year-old Lynchburg man beaten and robbed of $2.00 (that's all we learn at the point the tape cuts out)

This aired on local Lynchburg, Virginia TV on Tuesday, November 8th 1977. (Not from Chicago, but interesting nonetheless.)

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Szake 01/16/2017 Reply

4715 Boonsboro Road is home to Boonsboro Village Apartments. There are 70 units in the 5 building complex, so maybe Jeff Taylor thinks that is a vague enough address to broadcast on TV... like if a Chicago reporter did that and said they live at 222 East Pearson, a building downtown with 709 condominiums in it.

Szake 01/17/2017 Reply

Rick: The photos on look like the place was built in the late 1960s, early 1970s. According to, it was built in 1970.

JFTaylor 03/22/2017 Reply

I actually lived at 4715 Boonsboro Road Boonsboro Village Apartments. Just about everyone in Lynchburg knew that. Glad it wasn't Chicago!

I'm the voiceover in the news preview (voiceover by ??) with teases and opening titles (without theme music - imagine that!), with wide shot of news set (voiceover by ??).

In 1977, there were only 6 members of the news staff... News Director/Anchor - Stan Jayson, Weather - Charles Middleton, Sports - John Buren, Reporters - Jeff Taylor & Jennifer Smith and a Photographer.