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WBBM Channel 2 - The Late Show - "Technical Difficulties" (Bumper, 1984)

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Here's a bumper (which kind of becomes a technical difficulties moment too) from The Late Show on WBBM Channel 2. Features a strange clown in a booth with stars.

This aired on local Chicago TV early Saturday, January 21st 1984.

WBBM Channel 2 - Roger Field: Health & Science Editor (Promo, 1979)

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Here's a promo for the Health and Science reports of Roger Field on WBBM Channel 2 News.

"Nobody Does It Better!"

This aired on local Chicago TV on Wednesday, September 5th 1979.

WBBM Channel 2 - "Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales" (Opening Excerpt, 1982)

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Here's the opening of "Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales" on WBBM Channel 2. Includes:

Don Craig WBBM News bumper promo

Spinning CBS Special graphic

CBS pre-emption of Private Benjamin notice (voiceover by Lee Jordan)

Opening of the show

"We'll be right back" bumper (voiceover by Danny Dark)

Note: I had to edit this together from two different off-air recordings of this broadcast since the tape cut...

WBBM Channel 2 - The CBS Late Movie - Double Feature - "Barnaby/Love Affair" (Opening, 1979)

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Here's the opening for The CBS Late Movie on WBBM Channel 2 where they were doing a double feature (weren't there two movies shown every night though?) with the first being the Barnaby Jones episode "The Deadlier Species" (first aired on the CBS Network on March 18th 1975), followed by the movie "A Love Affair - The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story." (CBS Late Movie voiceover by Norm Stevens)

Also includes a WBBM Match Game bumper promo at the beginning - "Weekdays a...

WBBM Channel 2 - News - "Marvin Glass, Toy Designer" (1972)

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Here's a vintage report from WBBM Channel 2's Bob Wallace about Marvin Glass and Associates - a famous Toy Design company based in Chicago.

His company created many famous toys including Mr. Machine and Rock'em Sock'em Robots.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, December 15th 1972.

WBBM Channel 2 - Noonbreak - "Disco Dance Lessons" (1978)

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Here's a partial segment from Noonbreak on WBBM Channel 2 featuring Bob Wallace and Lee Phillip with guest Karen Lustgarten, Disco Dance Instructor and author of the book "The Complete Guide to Disco Dancing".

Bob Wallace was a good sport. :-)

"In Disco you don't stop..." (unfortunately the tape did)

This aired on local Chicago TV on Wednesday, October 18th 1978 during the 12 noon to 12:30pm timeframe.

WBBM Channel 2 - Newsbreak with John Drummond (1978)

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Here's a Newsbreak update on WBBM Channel 2 featuring the venerable Chicago newsman John "Bulldog" Drummond. Includes:

"This is CBS" 'Eye' Station ID.

September heatwave continues with today being the hottest day of 1978.

Police discover body of unidentified man in the trunk of a car at O'Hare airport. (Long Term Parking?)

Board of Elections rules that Governor Thompson's tax limit referendum will be on the November ballot.

WBBM Channel 2 - New Year's Eve: Chicago Style (Part 3, 1979/1980)

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Here's Part 3 of "New Year's Eve: Chicago Style" - a special on WBBM Channel 2. Unfortunately, the recording starts during a commercial break and we miss the first 10 minutes or so of the broadcast - still, lots of local fun in this one. :-) This part includes:

John Coughlin accepts the snowball and then throws to a commercial.

Commercial: Vaseline - "Wonder Jelly" (which coincidently was my nickname in High School)

Commercial: Brown's Chicken - "...

WBBM Channel 2 - "Pirate Report" (1987)

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Here's a news segment on WBBM Channel 2 regarding the infamous "Max Headroom Pirating Incident".

Featuring Bill Kurtis. Bob Strutzel - Director of Engineering at WGN-TV, Phillip Bradford of the FCC, and a quick glimpse of Walter Jacobson at the end. Mike Hersh (sp?) reporting.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, November 23rd 1987.