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WTTW Channel 11 - Made in Chicago - "Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah / Bill Quateman" (Part 4, 1974)

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Here's Part 4 (the final part) of a local music show, Made in Chicago, on WTTW Channel 11. This program (which was also simulcast on WBBM-FM 96.3) was a predecessor to Soundstage which was also produced by the station and aired nationally over PBS. The guests on this (re-run airing) edition were Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah (bassist Mitch Aliotta, guitarist Skip Haynes and pianist John Jeremiah) and Bill Quateman.

Note: As with other things we've found, this is ...

CBS/ABC Networks - "Reagan Assassination Attempt Coverage" (Part 1, 1981)

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Here is some news coverage from the CBS and ABC networks, recorded on the day of the President Reagan assassination attempt - 30 years ago today. Includes:

CBS News Anchor Dan Rather describing Reagan shooter John W. Hinckley, Jr.'s life story (already in progress)

Clip from outside George Washington University Hospital to where Reagan and Press Secretary James Brady were rushed (Presidential assistant Lyn Nofziger standing outside, interviewed by CBS News repor...

WSNS Channel 44 - Al Lerner Sports - "So Long..." (Part 1, 1971)

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Here's Part 1 of the final episode of Al Lerner Sports on WSNS Channel 44. Lerner was the station's first sportscaster, and would go on to a long career with such stations as WLS Channel 7, WMAQ Channel 5, WGN Radio 720 and WSCR-AM, as well as being a wrestling announcer. Also featuring a young (and at this point, moustacheless) Tim Weigel, then a sportswriter for the now-defunct Chicago Daily News, who himself would become a familiar face on Chicago television, working for all three...

Donahue - "Andy Griffith & Friends" (Part 4, 1986)

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Here's Part 4, the final part, of an installment of Donahue that aired on WBBM Channel 2, hosted by Phil Donahue, with Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Jim Nabors and George Lindsey reminiscing about their days on The Andy Griffith Show and promoting their upcoming reunion TV-movie, Return to Mayberry, which would air on the NBC Network on April 13th 1986; this was also a few months before Griffith began a nine-year run on TV as crafty defense lawyer Ben Matlock. (By this time...

CBS/ABC/NBC Networks - "Reagan Assassination Attempt Coverage" (Part 2, 1981)

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Here is some more news coverage from the CBS, ABC and NBC networks, recorded on the day of the President Reagan assassination attempt - 30 years ago today. Includes:

Tape comes in as CBS Anchor Dan Rather talks of a "partial collapse," and then turns to Columbia-Presbyterian's Dr. Keith Reemtsma who gives a brief medical explanation.

Rather then informs of an update from White House Correspondent Lesley Stahl, quoting an unnamed doctor at the George Washington U...

Kaiser Broadcasting - "Doing Things in a Big Way" (Promotional Sales Film) (Part 1, 1968)

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This clip made possible by the donations from our generous group of "Fuzzketeers" during the Spring 2012 Tape Transfer Fundraiser.

Here's Part 1 of a neat promotional sales film from Kaiser Broadcasting Company which owned WFLD Channel 32 from 1973 to 1977. This 1968 film, dealt with the company's pre-WFLD early years in operation; at the time of this promo film, Kaiser owned sta...

WFLD Channel 32 - Scared Straight! Chicago Reacts (Part 2, 1979)

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Here's Part 2 of Scared Straight! Chicago Reacts, a local interview program hosted by Kathy McFarland that followed an encore presentation of the Academy Award-winning Scared Straight! on WFLD Channel 32. Also featuring Gayle Franzen, Chief of the Illinois Department of Corrections, and Harold Thomas of the Chicago Police Department's Youth Division. Includes:

Scared Straight! Chicago Reacts bumper (voiceover by Ron Beattie)

In this part, K...

WFLD Channel 32 - Newscope - "The Blizzard of '67" and Other Stories (Part 1, 1967)

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Here's the first part of an edition of Newscope on WFLD Channel 32, anchored by Patrick Muldowney. Also featuring Harlan Draeger of the Chicago Daily News, Richard Foster of the Chicago Sun-Times (both papers, like WFLD, were owned by Field Enterprises), sportscaster Dave Martin, and WA9RTP ham operators Jim Roper(?) and Dick Cox.

NOTES: This is the earliest footage currently known to exist of a WFLD broadcast (albeit via kinescope); the sound heard in the backg...

Dolphin Productions - "Demo Reel" (1978)

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Here's a neat demo reel with a lot of vintage clips from Dolphin Productions, a legendary New York-based production company of the 1970's and early '80's that was one of three such firms in the country to use an early, analogue-based video animation system called "Scanimate." (The others were Image West Ltd. of Hollywood, CA and the company that first invented this process, Computer Image Corp. of Denver, CO; a history of the technology can be seen on

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