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Atari - "Test Facility" (Commercial, 1981)

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Here's a commercial from Atari, depicting a test facility for games from the Atari 2600 VCS (Video Computer System).

Features Kareem Abdul-Jabaar going up against Atari's basketball game, race car legend Mario Andretti testing their Night Driver game, and soccer great Pele testing their Pele's Championship Soccer game - and the games beating them all.

Voiceover by Danny Dark?

"We take our games seriously so you have more fun."

WLS Channel 7 - Win, Lose or Draw - "Premiere" (Promo, 1987)

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Here's a promo for the upcoming premiere of the syndicated version of the game show Win, Lose or Draw on WLS Channel 7, to premiere on Monday, September 7th at 3pm. Featuring shots of host Bert Convy and such contestants as Dom DeLuise, Burt Reynolds, Tony Danza, Loni Anderson, Lynn Redgrave, Jackee Harry, Heidi Bohay, and Betty White.

Voiceover by Ernie Anderson.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, August 20th 1987 during the 10pm to 10:30pm time...

WAVE Channel 3 - Celebrity Sweepstakes (Opening, 1975)

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Here's the first 2 minutes and 20 seconds or so of an episode of the game show "Celebrity Sweepstakes" as aired on WAVE-TV Channel 3 in Louisville, Kentucky. Only a couple episodes of this show still exist apparently, so it's likely this is the only existing clip of this episode, which featured celebrities Darren McGavin, Jim Nabors, Dan Rowan, Betty White and regulars Joey Bishop and Carol Wayne. Jim McKrell was the host of this daytime game show.

Features a recap of the Sha...

Cat Fancy Magazine (Commercial, 1984)

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Here's a commercial for Cat Fancy magazine, 'cause who doesn't love cats? Lots and lots of cats, climbing all over you... :-)

(actually I do like cats)

"The on-camera talent is the veteran announcer John Harlan, who recently was president of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. Harlan has had an incredible career; he was the announcer for such game shows as "You Don't Say!", "Name That Tune" and "Password", and has worked on many other shows." - Dave Mackey

Airline by MPH (Commercial, 1977)

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Here's a commercial for a board game called Airline by MPH ("The Making People Happy people"). This Monopoly-similar game allowed the player to control the world's largest international airline - if you could handle the risks. A map of the world, plus key airline routes, are on the board, as well as major destinations on the outer edge where each player lands. Also comes with dice and colored chips. For 2 to 4 players.

A British equivalent of this board game (...

Dizzy Dolphins Disco Game by Milton Bradley (Commercial, 1981)

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Here's a commercial for the Dizzy Dolphins Disco Game by Milton Bradley. Three dolphins spin around and around and the purpose is to get as many marbles into their mouths as possible. (kind of a rip-off of Hungry Hungry Hippos)

Up to four can play. Battery not included. Some assembly required.

Not really sure what is supposed to make this game "disco"...

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, December 4th 1981 during the 4:00pm to 4...

Laser Blast by Activision (Commercial, 1981)

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Here's a commercial for the home video game Laser Blast by Activision, touting itself as "A New Game Cartridge for Your Atari Video Game System" (and contrasting itself to its "dull" predecessors). The purpose is to go after the other side's force fields and dodge their tracking systems. (Ah, remember those good ol' days? ;-) )

"Atari"(R) and "Video Computer System"(TM) are trademarks of Atari, Inc.

With a lower-third super towards the end as to what sto...

WKBS Channel 48 - The $50,000 Pyramid (Ending, 1981)

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Here is an ending credits voice over and bumper card from the Field Communications station WKBS Channel 48 in Philadelphia which shut down in 1983. Includes:

Ending credits with WKBS movie promo voiceover.

WKBS 48 $50,000 Pyramid bumper slide with voiceover - More Movie - Fewer Commercials. Now stay tuned for McHale's Navy next!

This aired during a broadcast of the $50,000 Pyramid game show with Dick Clark in 1981.

Note - this is t...

Odyssey2 (Commercial, 1982)

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Here's a commercial for the ill-fated Odyssey 2 game system, featuring "The Wizard of Odyssey".

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, November 7th 1982.