WKBS Channel 48 - The $50,000 Pyramid (Ending, 1981)

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Here is an ending credits voice over and bumper card from the Field Communications station WKBS Channel 48 in Philadelphia which shut down in 1983. Includes:

Ending credits with WKBS movie promo voiceover.

WKBS 48 $50,000 Pyramid bumper slide with voiceover - More Movie - Fewer Commercials. Now stay tuned for McHale's Navy next!

This aired during a broadcast of the $50,000 Pyramid game show with Dick Clark in 1981.

Note - this is the last of the WKBS material I currently have. :-(

This aired on local Philadelphia TV on Thursday, February 26th 1981 during the 12 noon to 12:30pm EST timeframe.

Date Uploaded: 10/18/2007

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