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WBBM Channel 2 - 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 6, 1985)

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Here's Part 6 of the (mostly complete) 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards broadcast.

This part features a musical salute to prime-time television by the Dick Marx Orchestra (Dynasty, Hill Street Blues, and Dallas), Mary Ann Childers, Rich Koz (with a Warren Freiberg reference to this event from the previous month), Irv Kupcinet, another Frank Chambers reference as producer of The Bob Lewando...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Real People (Part 3, 1980)

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Here's Part 3 (the final part) of an episode of the prototypical "reality show" Real People on WMAQ Channel 5.

In this segment, hosts (from L - R) Byron Allen, Skip Stephenson, Sarah Purcell and John Barbour sum up rhyming "thoughts to think about," with John musing about Three Mile Island's nuclear waste, Byron waxing philosophic about Gerald Ford's aborted 1980 Presidential run, Sarah ruminating on credit card charges, and Skip giving the lowdown on housing prices. Wi...

WSNS Channel 44 - Al Lerner Sports - "So Long..." (Part 1, 1971)

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Here's Part 1 of the final episode of Al Lerner Sports on WSNS Channel 44. Lerner was the station's first sportscaster, and would go on to a long career with such stations as WLS Channel 7, WMAQ Channel 5, WGN Radio 720 and WSCR-AM, as well as being a wrestling announcer. Also featuring a young (and at this point, moustacheless) Tim Weigel, then a sportswriter for the now-defunct Chicago Daily News, who himself would become a familiar face on Chicago television, working for all three...

WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 Update, Break & Today Excerpt (1975)

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Here's a NewsCenter5 update on WMAQ Channel 5 anchored by Royal Kennedy, followed by a commercial break and the first two minutes of the second half-hour of the Today show, featuring Jim Hartz, Barbara Walters and Lew Wood. Includes:

Royal Kennedy reporting the following local items:

- Tail end of story on Illinois primary

- Chicago Board of Election Commissioners investigating charges that Alderman Tyrone Kenner's petition contained...

WBBM Channel 2 - 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 3, 1985)

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Here's Part 3 of the (mostly complete) 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards broadcast.

This part features Denise Cannon, Ron Magers, Chuck Swilling, Tom Weinberg, Mark Giangreco, and Steve Corman.

Chicago Cubs Baseball on WGN Channel 9 won in the "Sports Programs - Single Program or Series" category; accepting on behalf of producer Arne Harris was Mr. Swilling. Mr. Weinberg won in the "Sports Programs - Series - Sports Events" category for Time Out on WTTW Ch...

Screaming Yellow Theater (Svengoolie) - "Norman Mark" (1972)

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Here's a segment from Screaming Yellow Theater - the original Svengoolie, which aired on WFLD Channel 32 from 1970-1973. Svengoolie was played by Jerry G. Bishop.

This Break #2 from an unknown episode number features Norman Mark, who at the time was TV/Radio columnist for the Chicago Daily News. He would later go on to review films on WMAQ Channel 5 with "Norman's Mark".

Norman Mark references "Sig Sakowicz" (a popular Svengoolie gag) - he was a tv and radio per...

WMAQ Channel 5 - 5 Cheers Chicago's New Year (Part 4, 1980/1981)

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Back to the festivities at Miomir's Serbian Club at 2255 W. Lawrence, with Warner speaking with a lady, Carole(?) Black, whose birthday is January 1st (her 23rd), who wishes for good health and a good husband; her friend explains that she has a good husband but he's not at the club with her, instead he's in Florida; Warner then gestures Jerry to wish her a happy birthday as well as a happy New Year, and not long after club owner Miomir plants a kiss on the birthday girl (upon which Jerry give...

WTTW Channel 11 - Festival '77 (Pledge Break, 1977)

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Here's an excerpt from the Festival '77 pledge drive on WTTW Channel 11.

This clip starts at the end of a performance of "One O'Clock Jump" with such legends as clarinetist Benny Goodman, singer Ella Fitzgerald, trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie (the fella dancing with Ella), and Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson trumpeter/bandleader Doc Severinsen, as from the program All-Star Swing Festival, a tribute to the late Louis Armstrong which was taped at Philharmonic ...

WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 - "The Crash of Flight 191 - The Day After" (Part 1, 1979)

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Here's more coverage of the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 at O'Hare Field, the worst air disaster in U.S. history; this is Part 1 of a special edition of NewsCenter5 with Mike Jackson and Carol Marin (both in the studio and in field reports filed earlier in the day) from the day after the crash. Featuring Tom Korzeniowski, Rich Samuels and Jim Tilmon. Includes:

Tape starts in the middle of a report from Tom Korzeniowski at Touhy Avenue near Mount Prospect Road ...