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NBC Network - "Holiday Specials" (Promo, 1982)

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Here's a promo for some NBC Network holiday specials - "A Chipmunk Christmas", "The NBC Family Christmas Party", and "Christmas in Washington".

"The NBC Family Christmas Party" features Gary Coleman,
David Birney
Meredith Baxter-Birney

Debbie Allen

Shelley Long

and clockwise from top
Nell Carter
Meredith Baxter-Birney
Tony Danza
Melissa Gilbert
Charles Haid
Valerie Landsburg fr...

WNBQ Channel 5 - Flight 529 [Crash] (Part 2, 1961)

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This clip made possible by the donations from our generous group of "Fuzzketeers" during the Spring 2012 Tape Transfer Fundraiser.

Here's Part 2, the final part, of a special report on the crash of TWA Flight 529 on WNBQ Channel 5 (which became WMAQ Channel 5 on August 31st 1964), produced by NBC News Chicago. The anchor of this report is Charles McCuen. Also featuring Floyd Kal...

NBC News Special Report - John Lennon - The Man And His Music (Part 3, 1980)

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Here's Part 3, the final part, of an NBC Special Report on John Lennon: The Man and his Music, which aired the day after his murder, hosted by Jane Pauley. (who seems to have too smirky an attitude for this) Includes:

Jann Wenner, Editor and Publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine, speaks about Lennon and his impact.

Stephen Frazier talks with some Lennon fans standing outside in the rain near the Dakota - Sheila Kelly of Manhattan and Frank Mayorano.

WMAQ Channel 5 - Kidding Around - "Kid Contortionist-Acrobat" (1979)

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Here's an installment from Kidding Around, a Saturday kids' show that ran from 1978 to 1985 on WMAQ Channel 5.

The main host was Steve Smith (not to be confused with the Canadian comedian of the same name who is best known as outdoorsman Red Green on a long-running TV series, The Red Green Show), and his co-hostess here is Shawn Gourdie (who, at the time, was 13 years old and a seventh-grader at Sudling Junior High in Palatine; a Chicago Tribune piece on the prog...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Chicago Sizzlin' - The 31st Annual Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 12, 1989)

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Here's Part 12 (the last part) of the 31st Annual Chicago Emmy Awards broadcast, titled Chicago Sizzlin'.

This part features Jonathon Brandmeier ("Johnny B") and The Leisure Suits performing "I've Got Nothin' to Say" and "Sweet Home Chicago," (with Buzz Kilman blowin' harp!) with the Emmy winners joining him on the stage at the end. (You can see producer Keith Stras at one point)


Produced by Bobbi Clark, Carol Cooling Kopp

WBBM Channel 2 - "Mobile Army Surgical Thunderstorm" (1980)

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Here's an on-screen crawl message regarding bad weather on WBBM Channel 2, during a repeat of the M*A*S*H episode "Yessir, That's Our Baby" (originally aired on December 31st 1979):

...From the Channel 2 Newsroom... A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 9 PM for Kane... DuPage... Cook... and Kendall counties... and a marine warning has been issued for the southern third of Lake Michigan... Boaters still in port are urged not to depart until heavy thundersto...

NBC News Digest With Jessica Savitch - "One of Her Last" (1983)

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Here's a mostly complete NBC News Digest with Jessica Savitch. This is notable for being one of her last appearances on television before her untimely death on Sunday, October 23rd 1983. October was not a good month for her, starting out on October 3rd with this infamous, apparently drug-impaired NBC News Digest appearance.

According to the NBC Archives (reported to Jessica's sister Lori Savi...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Weekend (Opening, 1979)

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Here's the opening moments for an edition of one of the 100 or so newsmagazines NBC attempted until finally hitting it in the 1990's with Dateline NBC. This is of Weekend, which had aired every so often since the mid-1970's (in the first year or so of NBC's Saturday Night Live, Weekend aired once a month in that same time slot). The hosts at this juncture were Linda Ellerbee and Lloyd Dobyns, who would later co-anchor the short-lived NBC News Overnight tog...

Shutan Camera - "Talk About Pictures" (Commercial, 1982)

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Here's an extra-long Shutan Camera commercial which was used as sponsorship for "Talk About Pictures" - a show which aired Sundays at Noon on WMAQ Channel 5, hosted by George Fenneman. (He would sit at a table with a pro photographer and they would look at one of his/her photos and discuss the subject, technique, equipment, inspirations, etc.)

The lady in the ad is actress/model Jennifer Girard. She is n...