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WLS Channel 7 - 30th Anniversary Special (Part 6, 1978)

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Here's Part 6 of WLS Channel 7's 30th Anniversary Special, broadcast from Chicago's Park West and hosted by Eyewitness News anchors Fahey Flynn and Joel Daly.

This part includes:

Long shot of anniversary audience and show title on screen, with intro of preview of films to be shown on ABC's movie shows in the 1978-79 season (introductory voiceover by Gary Gears)

"The Movies on ABC" promo (voiceover by Ernie Anderson), with clips from t...

WSNS Channel 44 - Al Lerner Sports - "So Long..." (Part 4, 1971)

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Here's Part 4 (the last part) of the final episode of Al Lerner Sports on WSNS Channel 44. Lerner was the station's first sportscaster, and would go on to a long career with such stations as WLS Channel 7, WMAQ Channel 5, WGN Radio 720 and WSCR-AM, as well as being a wrestling announcer. Also featuring a young (and at this point, moustacheless) Tim Weigel, then a sportswriter for the now-defunct Chicago Daily News, who himself would become a familiar face on Chicago television, worki...

WGN Channel 9 - WGN Television Presents - "White Christmas" (Opening & Excerpts + Sales Presentation Excerpt, 1972/1973)

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Here's two segments with an early opening title sequence for the long-running late night movie showcase WGN Television Presents on WGN Channel 9, one from an early home videotape recorded in black-and-white (though aired of course originally in color - the recording of which has some tape tracking problems at certain points in the video) and the other from an internal sales presentation video.

The first clip is from the presentation of the 1954 Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye/Ros...

WSET Channel 13 - News 13 (Preview, Break & Opening, 1977)

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Here's the preview, commercial break, and opening moments of the early evening edition of News 13 on ABC affiliate WSET Channel 13 in Lynchburg, Virginia. The anchor is Stan Jayson, with reports by Jeff Taylor, ABC News' John Martin, and Jenny Smith. The on-air text is set in fonts that were part of the same 3M Datavision package as in use back then at our own WSNS Channel 44. Includes:

News preview (voiceover by Jeff Taylor) with teases of following items:
- V...

WLS Channel 7 - 13 Queens Blvd. - "For Better or Worse" (Opening, 1979)

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Here's the opening (and first few minutes) of the premiere episode of 13 Queens Blvd., "For Better or Worse," as aired over WLS Channel 7.

This short-lived sitcom - about a diverse group of middle-class residents at a Queens, New York apartment complex, and referred to as 13 Queens Boulevard by both IMDb and Wikipedia

WLS Channel 7 - 30th Anniversary Special (Part 5, 1978)

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Here's Part 5 of WLS Channel 7's 30th Anniversary Special, broadcast from Chicago's Park West and hosted by Eyewitness News anchors Fahey Flynn and Joel Daly, with a little assist in this part from Battlestar Galactica star Lorne Greene.


Fahey opening this segment with the words "From the past to the present and on to the future," as part of his and Joel's intro of Lorne Greene who presides over a sneak preview of ABC's coming seaso...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Kidding Around - "Kid Contortionist-Acrobat" (1979)

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Here's an installment from Kidding Around, a Saturday kids' show that ran from 1978 to 1985 on WMAQ Channel 5.

The main host was Steve Smith (not to be confused with the Canadian comedian of the same name who is best known as outdoorsman Red Green on a long-running TV series, The Red Green Show), and his co-hostess here is Shawn Gourdie (who, at the time, was 13 years old and a seventh-grader at Sudling Junior High in Palatine; a Chicago Tribune piece on the prog...

WSVN Channel 7 - Gigglesnort Hotel - "Vanity" (Part 2, 1987)

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Here's Part 2 of the Gigglesnort Hotel episode "Vanity" (episode #17, original airdate 5-11-75) as aired on WSVN Channel 7 in Miami / Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Includes:

Gigglesnort Hotel bumper

Desk clerk B.J. (Bill Jackson) straightening out the hotel lobby to the best of his ability - though it's now three feet off its foundation, as well as extremely freezing. He tries to reach Mr. Gigglesnort again - the old man thinks the hotel hit an icebe...

WTTW Channel 11 - Festival '77 (Pledge Break, 1977)

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Here's an excerpt from the Festival '77 pledge drive on WTTW Channel 11.

This clip starts at the end of a performance of "One O'Clock Jump" with such legends as clarinetist Benny Goodman, singer Ella Fitzgerald, trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie (the fella dancing with Ella), and Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson trumpeter/bandleader Doc Severinsen, as from the program All-Star Swing Festival, a tribute to the late Louis Armstrong which was taped at Philharmonic ...