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WMAQ Channel 5 - The Shari Show (Bumper Promo, 1975/76)

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Here's a short bumper promo (the full promo is here) for The Shari Show with Shari Lewis, which aired on WMAQ Channel 5. No Lamb Chop here, apparently.

The "Today - 3:30pm" lower-third text refers to a Tuesday, on which the show aired on a once-a-month basis between October 1975 and August 10th 1976.

Voiceover by Shari Lewis.

"The Shari Show will make you feel good ...

WMAQ Channel 5 - PSA's, Meditation, and Station Sign-Off (1989)

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Here are some public service announcements, then Meditation, and finally the station sign-off for WMAQ Channel 5. Includes:

PSA - Illegal Drugs: It's Not Someone Else's Problem

PSA - Project Serve with Janelle LaVigne

PSA - Medic Alert bracelets with Diahann Carroll and Vic Damone

PSA - United Way / Crusade of Mercy with Michael Jordan

PSA - Latino Institute with Migdalia (Millie) Rivera


WMAQ Channel 5 - The Richard Pryor Special Tornado Warning (1977)

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Here's a Tornado Warning that interrupted the first NBC Richard Pryor special on Thursday, May 5th 1977. WMAQ-TV's Ron Hunter and Jim Tilmon give you all the info you need - but if you're like me you'll still confuse a Tornado Watch with a Tornado Warning.

The interruption occurred during some adorable kids' rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Black Man".

"The first clock in America was created by a black man - BENJAMIN BANN-"

This aired on local ...

WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 - "Disco Demolition Already In Progress" (1979)

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Here's a news clip from NewsCenter 5 on WMAQ Channel 5 giving an update on the Disco Demolition fiasco at Comiskey Park that night.

Mike Pumo reports via phone to Jim Ruddle that the second game of the double-header has been cancelled along with some other details.

I am assuming that this report was from the regular 10pm news that night - and assuming that this was their lead story, can we assume then that the 2nd game was officially cancelled around 10pm that ...

WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter 5 at 6pm (Part 4 - Last, 1981)

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Here is Part 4, the final part, of NewsCenter 5 at 6pm on WMAQ Channel 5 featuring Jim Ruddle and Carol Marin. Includes:

Christopher Janus pleads not-guilty on fraud charges

President Reagan readies his 1982 budget for Congress

Damascus hijacker releases hostage

Bus plunge in Guatemala City kills 38

U.S. Government final report on Three-Mile-Island disaster released

Chet Choppock with Sports highlights ...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Sorting It Out (Part 1, 1976)

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Here's Part 1 of an episode of Sorting It Out on WMAQ Channel 5. Sorting It Out was a locally produced news magazine type show that featured interesting people and events around Chicagoland. It starred Bob Smith and a pre-Cheers Shelley Long, who at this point was still mostly known for her work in Homemakers furniture commercials.

This part features a look at 18-year-old Jonathan Dietch an...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Remington Steele - "High Flying Steele" (Commercial Break, 1984)

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Here's a full commercial break from an airing of Remington Steele on WMAQ Channel 5. The episode on this night was "High Flying Steele". Includes:

Kraft Mayonnaise

Keebler Club Cookies with the Keebler Elves (voiceover by Danny Dark)

Remington Steele bumper (Stephanie Zimbalist voiceover)

Tonight Show bumper promo with Joan Rivers

NBC Nightly News promo


Renault Encore

WMAQ Channel 5 - The Today Show (Pre-Show Break & Partial Open, 1975)

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The transfer of this video clip made possible by your generous donations!

Here's a pre-show commercial break and partial open of the Today show on WMAQ Channel 5. Includes:

Commercial: The Auditorium Theatre Council (50 East Congress) presents the Dance Theatre of Harlem in six gala performances on November 4th through November 8th at 8pm and November 9th at 2pm, followed by programs at the auditorium for that week (voiceover by Ed Grennan)

WMAQ Channel 5 - "Memory" (1984)

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Here's a video montage (missing beginning part) that WMAQ Channel 5 used as part of their sign-off apparently for a few years. It features the song "Memory" from the musical "Cats", and showcases Chicagoland senior citizens and various aspects in their lives. Kind of a strange thing to show during sign-off. I mean, for what purpose was this made? Other than to make you realize that your life is going by as you watch TV at 3 in the morning before the station signs-off? ;-)