WGN Channel 9 - "Season's Greetings From The Hulk At Wrigley Field" (Short Promo #1, 1981)

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Here's a short version of the goofy holiday greeting/promo featuring The Incredible Hulk running around Chicago holding a giant WGN ball (ornament?). I guess this was supposed to promo the fact that WGN was getting re-runs of the Incredible Hulk show soon. Here he is seen loitering around Wrigley Field in the winter, with his... ball.

Playing the part of the Incredible Hulk is Bob Foal.

Additional information by Mr. Joey D'Auria (Bozo #2) - "Funny story about this Hulk... His name is Bob Foal ... In the late 1970's I was working with Bob at the Universal Studios tour in the Castle Dracula show. [Fuzzy's Note: Joey played "Renfield"] The Hulk was part of this show - and Bob was the "Hulk" chosen to go to Chicago. When he came back to L.A. He brought back a copy of the promotion for WGN as the the Hulk and a clip from his appearance on the Bozo Show with Bob Bell. That was my first viewing of WGN' s Bozo Show."

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, December 20th 1981 at 1pm.

Date Uploaded: 12/13/2007

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This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, December 20th 1981 at 1pm." /> Share


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