Gigglesnort Hotel (Ending)

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Here is the closing from one of the best and most remembered Chicago children's shows (although it was eventually syndicated to other markets) - Gigglesnort Hotel.

Even though it was seen for many years after it was produced, the show was only in production for 3 years - 1975, 1976, and 1977. In Chicago, it aired on Sunday mornings on WLS Channel 7.

Show Credits:

Written and Produced by Bill Jackson

Directed by Carl Tubbs

Technical Directors - Bob Kamin & John Macenczak

Puppeteers - Ian Harris & Nancy Wettler

Associate Producer - Carolyn Doepke

Stage Manager - Frank Bianco & Al Nehls

Audio - Ron Heath & Roger Brunn

Sound Effects - Harry Hale

Lighting - Ray Freutel

Senior Video - John Rozum & Bob Cosentino

Videotape Editors - Don Rhebergen & Jessica Jenkins

Scenic Designer - John Archer

A B.J. Production Produced in Association with WLS-TV 7


Bring back the fun!


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Copyright 1982, Bill Jackson. All Rights Reserved.

(All Copyrights Acknowledged)

Date Uploaded: 10/19/2007

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