WFLD Channel 32 - Newscene Headlines With Kathy McFarland (1982)

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Here is a Newscene headlines update with Kathy McFarland from WFLD Channel 32. This aired right before 8pm on Thursday, July 29th 1982. (The day of the big 3-D Son of Svengoolie movie event!) Includes:

The ending of some other Field Communications program - a Star Trek special called Star Trek Memories.

Field Communications ID

Newscene Update Part 1 - Kathy McFarland talking about a battle between two street gangs in Pontiac prison, which resulted in a riot.

Chicagoland Dodge Dealers (Jim Barton voice over at end of commercial)

Newscene Update Part 2 - Kathy McFarland tells everyone to get out their 3D glasses for the upcoming "Revenge of the Creature" movie.

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Date Uploaded: 10/19/2007

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