Chis-An-Bop with Fred MacMurray (Commercial Offer, 1979)

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Here's a commercial offer for Chis-An-Bop, a Korean-derived means of calculating math for children ages 5-13 which involves using their fingers. With Fred MacMurray and two children, Debbie and Brad, who demonstrate a few examples of Chis-An-Bop at work. Comes with a book and option for record (or, as he put it, "phonograph sound disc") or cassette.

"As Seen on National TV Talk Shows"

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, February 2nd 1979.


"As Seen on National TV Talk Shows"

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, February 2nd 1979." /> Share


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Szake 06/12/2013 Reply

According to Wikipedia: The hands are held in a relaxed posture on or above a table. All fingers are floating off the table to begin with. The fingers are pressed into the table to indicate value. Each finger (but not the thumb) of the right hand has a value of one. Press the index finger of the right hand onto the table to indicate "one."

A proposed notation system for representing the numbers:
. = a finger off the table
o = a finger on the table
- = a thumb off the table
@ = a thumb on the table
Values between zero and 9 are shown with the entire right hand:
-.... = 0
@oooo = 9
@ooo. = 8
@oo.. = 7
@o... = 6
@.... = 5
-oooo = 4
-ooo. = 3
-oo.. = 2
-o... = 1
Values larger than 10 are shown with both hands:
..oo- @.... = 25
....@ @.... = 55
oooo- -.... = 40

OddityArchive 06/12/2013 Reply

I take it "phonograph sound disc" is a nice way of saying "crappy plastic page with grooves that you need to weigh down (the disc that is) with several dollars worth of coins".

Shop teachers: substitute stubs when a complete finger is not available.

(Yeah, I know I'm sick---and kind of mean)

Dth1971 06/12/2013 Reply

One of Fred MacMurray's post "My Three Sons" work.

Detroit4Chicago 06/13/2013 Reply

Man... I would have difficulty learning this; I'd rather use my fingers (and my thumb) just to play piano or guitar instead!

ArmitageNLowell 06/13/2013 Reply

I preferred factor trees/grouping.
I had this when I was kid...Didn't do a damned thing except make math more confusing!
Oddity: You're right, that thing was a bitch to try and play on a halfway decent record player! Also, had to make sure that needle was clean and fresh, or it would cause the "disk" to bunch up and eventually tear...which it eventually did. :(
Fuzz: Good one! :D
Of course, when they got old enough to drink beer, they sang "Mmm hops"!
*raising rubber chicken shield*