Preparation H - "A Coworker's Concern" (Commercial, 1979)

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Here's a commercial for Preparation H with two news anchors in need of relief from the pain of hemorrhoids. For use three times a day.

Look towards the end for an Ampex VR-2000 color videotape recorder in the equipment room where the two anchors meet after their relief. This was the first "high-band" quad videotape recorder, first introduced in 1964 and used all throughout the industry into the 1980's - including many of the Chicago TV stations.

Ending voiceover by ??

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, February 2nd 1979.

Date Uploaded: 06/14/2013

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Ending voiceover by ??

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, February 2nd 1979." /> Share


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T.K. 06/14/2013 Reply

That's a hilariously bad dubbing job at 0:10... it sounds like a totally different voice.

Dth1971 06/14/2013 Reply

What are hemorrhoidal tissues?

HUdson 3-2700 06/15/2013 Reply

Fuzzy - it's the sound of an office chair rolling on a raised floor.

ArmitageNLowell 06/15/2013 Reply

Top story tonight: Bill has hemorrhoids! Officials have instructed everyone to laugh and point at him!

Dth: That is a question a child might ask, but not a childish question. However, seeing that this is a family site, it would be wise to look it up on google. Ouch! Is the only way to describe it.

Szake 06/15/2013 Reply

HUdson 3-2700: That doesn't sound like an office chair to me.

While I find Fuzzy's comment of his pants exploding to be hilarious, the tone of this ad is too serious for that.

What was on this recording immediately before this ad? I'm thinking it was a film spot with an optical audio track. If I drew on a piece of film in the optical sound area with a magic marker and run it through a projector, it would make that sound. I'm thinking the last source still had the audio potted up on air when this ad began and you heard the end of the last ad's tail... especially since the sound and picture aren't lined up on a piece of film.