Schaumburg Datsun - "We Want Your Business" (Commercial, 1978)

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Here's a commercial for Schaumburg Datsun at 910 West Golf Road in Schaumburg, eager to prove how serious they want your business by offering $3,154 for the Datsun B-210 Honeybee and free air conditioning on any Datsun 810.

Voiceover by Ed Grennan.

This aired on local Chicago TV early Sunday, April 30th 1978.

Date Uploaded: 06/10/2013

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Szake 06/10/2013 Reply

Is that a knock off of "It's A Small World" playing in the background?

T.K. 06/10/2013 Reply

It sounds like the chorus is "Shop Schaumburg and you will see, it's a small, small, small, small, world!"

Smctopia 06/10/2013 Reply

Now you too can own a car dealership!