WBBM Channel 2 - Channel 2 News Special Report - Blizzard '79 (Part 3, 1979)

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Here's Part 3, the last part, of a Channel 2 News Special Report on the Blizzard of 1979 - this update coming the day after the big snow hit. Includes:

Carrie Cochran anchoring; Phil Whitelaw giving a weather update; Cut commercial break with just a remnent of a Little Sisters of the Poor PSA; Carrie Cochran reporting on a rash of cooperation and helpfulness breaking out among the populace in the wake of the blizzard; another cut commercial break with a snippet of a Ford ad featuring Dick Butkus; ending credits with an extended WBBM News theme.

Executive Producer - Dick Goldberg
Produced by Bob Epstein - Tom Kuelbs
Directed by Paul Arndt - Allen Burns
Techincal Director - Mike Pennella
Audio - Howard Dennewitz

Media Operators - Bud Marcus - Al Sauser - Ed Dahlberg - Rudolph Anderson - Ralph Aulwurm - Al Barcena - Steve Bayless - Sandra Carruthers - Ray DeVent - Henry Feigenbaum - Bob Gadbois - Jim Knowlton - Karen Kors - Noel Ludwig - Chuck Meyer - Chet Pawelko - Fred Petty - Milo Seeley - Don Silverman - Ed Voirol

Assignment Editors - Marti Ahern - Gera-Lind Kolarik - Frank Whittaker

Art Director - Jim Mulroyan
Graphics Coordinator - Joyce Owens Earles

Graphic Artists - Joe Blahut - Fred Burton - George Gianakos - Clarence Lewis - Barbara Mosak - Scott Williams III

Studio Camera - Jim Mulqueeny - Sam Walker - Jim Zipperer

Stage Manager - Cheryl Stutzke
Studio Lighting - Bill Sears

Portions Of This Broadcast Were Recorded

Trivia Note: WBBM-TV anchor Carrie Cochran was once married to Bob Sirott. (Where is she now I wonder?)

This aired in local Chicago TV on Sunday, January 14th 1979 during the 7pm to 7:30pm timeframe.

Date Uploaded: 02/02/2011

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