SportsChannel - The Sports Writers On TV (Part 7, 1991)

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Here's an episode of The SportsWriters on TV, as aired on SportsChannel - one of the hosts of which we lost recently (Bill Gleason).

Featuring Bill Jauss of the Chicago Tribune, Rick Telander of Sports Illustrated, Bill Gleason from the South Bend, Indiana Tribune, and hosted by Ben Bentley.

In Part 7, the last part, they discuss a connection between the Civil War and baseball - Ken Burns, and his upcoming documentary - also, how still photographs are better than film or video in sports.


Producer - John Roach
Director - Bob Albrecht
Technical Director - Tom Pyers
Audio - Mark Springer
Cameras - Frank Partipilo - Steve Schwartz - Marc Claussen
Lighting Director - Frank Partipilo
Stage Manager - Jon Nicholson
Video - Ray Schauer
Electronic Graphics - Kathy Heidorn
Production Assistant - Tony Fernandez
Special Thanks To: Greg Novak
Facilities by: Editel/Chicago

The opinions expressed by the guys at the table are not those of SportsChannel or The Sports Writers on TV, Inc. Any errors in syntax, grammar or fact are unintentional. The errors remain, as this show is taped live and presented in all its blemished beauty.

(C)1991 The Sports Writers Inc. Brought to you exclusively by SportsChannel. A production of John Roach Projects, Inc.

Sponsorship notices: Jerry Gleason All American Automotive Group - True Value Hardware Stores - Old Style Beer

This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, May 6th 1991. (it was a repeat of an episode originally aired on Monday, April 29th 1991)

Date Uploaded: 01/25/2010

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