WKBD Channel 50 - Star Trek (Bumper #1, 1977)

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Here's a neat early bumper for Star Trek on one of WFLD's sister stations - WKBD Channel 50 in Detroit. They didn't have any voiceovers or music - none of the others during the episode had them either. Star Trek fans were all business. ;-)

Since this aired so early in the year, I'm pretty sure this bumper design was also used in 1976 and maybe since the beginning of WKBD's airing of Star Trek re-runs? In other words, this is likely the very first bumper design in a long history of Star Trek airings on WKBD.

This aired on local Detroit TV on Friday, January 14th 1977 during the 6pm to 7pm hour. (not Chicago, but still cool)

Date Uploaded: 01/20/2010

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