WPWR Channel 60 - Robotech (Commercial Breaks - Part 1, 1985)

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Here are some commercial breaks from WPWR Channel 60 in Chicago from 1985. Includes:

End of Voltron bumper

Promo for Voltron-Robotech Morning Power Hour

Robotech bumper

Gumby promo

Top Cat promo

Voyagers! promo (Great show!)

Ginsu II Knife set (Classic...)

The Sporting News (with Tom Seaver)

The Wild Onion Theatre Presents The Adventures of Peer Gynt

Robotech bumper

WPWR 60 ID Logo

Cartoon Fun on Sunday - King and Odie Show, The Jackson Five, Gumby, Top Cat, Uncle Waldo and Hoppity Hooper

Date Uploaded: 10/16/2007

Tags: 1980s   WPWR Channel 60   Kids' Stuff   Full Commercial Breaks     




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