The Wonderful World Of Magic - "Bill Bixby's Trick Solution" (1977?)

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Here's one more clip from the elusive The Wonderful World Of Magic show - the last one I have. This one includes the end of a magic act, the title card that they would show between acts, and one of the Bill Bixby segments where he shows the solution to a trick he posed at the beginning of the show. Also includes a partial end credits before the recording ended. Notice all the French stuff - the Eiffel Tower on the title card, the Arc De Triomphe in the end credits - was the whole episode all French acts?

Partial credits:

Directed by Hal Collins
Written by Martin Donovan
Produced by Bud Rifkin
Music Supervision by Neiman-Tillar Associates (Could this be useful in solving the mystery of where the Nightbeat theme music is from?)

This aired on local Rockford, IL TV likely sometime around 1977 based on other recordings on the tapes. (not Chicago, but close enough)

Date Uploaded: 03/21/2009

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