The Lost Snipets - "PeaScraper" (A FuzzyMemories Re-Creation)

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I had some additional Snipets segments but they were transferred from 16mm film and did not have the opening and closing on them. So, I did a little editing job and added them in. This was an early one, circa 1975 (ok it's a minute long but not all of the early ones were short) I found something cool to add to this - the circa 1975 title for Snipets, during the Kaiser Broadcasting era! Notice it is a little different from the Field era one that took over in 1977. Enjoy.

This one features a craft project - making a skyscraper out of dried peas soaked in water overnight and toothpicks - a PeaScraper! (Arrgghhh! Tantalizingly close to the Come Back Here can!)

(please excuse the black bar on the screen - this is the best copy I have so far)

This Snipet was produced by ??.


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