WLS Channel 7 - Eyewitness News Tonight - "Other News On The Day After" (1983)

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Here's the second segment for Eyewitness News Tonight at 10 on WLS Channel 7 - the major story of the day being the airing of The Day After - an ABC Theater telemovie about the effects of a full-scale nuclear attack on the United States. (Covered in the 1st segment)

Vrydolak involved in plot to endorse Walter Mondale to help Reagan re-election campaign.

Mayor Washington talks with Jack Jones regarding the Vrydolak situation.

Jann Carl reports on a woman in Lisle (Lisa or Lisha Hines?) who suffers a burned eye after Visine purchased at a White Hen Pantry is found to be tainted with Sulfuric Acid. Featuring Greg Busiedlik - Lisle Deputy Chief.

Featuring Jack Jones and Jim Gibbons.

This aired on local Chicago TV Sunday, November 20th 1983.

Date Uploaded: 11/20/2008

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