WGN Channel 9 - Garfield Goose and Friends - "Mama Goose & Cornhusk Dolls" (1974)

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Here's one of only a few existing Garfield Goose and Friends segments, this one featuring a visit from Mama Goose as well as Hobby Corner with Amy Simon and her cornhusk dolls. All the cartoon and non-studio segments have been removed. (I assume this wasn't from an off-air recording)

Has anyone tried to track down Ms. Amy Simon who lived on Wesley Avenue in Evanston, IL who has 1 sister (now around 48 years old) and 1 brother (now around 46 years old)? Amy herself would be around 44 or so now. Oh, she also went to Oakton Elementary School‎ in Evanston. (Geez, that's a lot of information)

Assuming that, based on what Fraizer says at the beginning, this one aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, March 14th 1974 @ 8am!

Date Uploaded: 02/10/2008

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