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WVTV Channel 18 [Milwaukee, WI] - "Partial EBS Test" (1980)

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Here's a partial test of the Emergency Broadcasting System on an unknown station in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. The person was recording some Woody Woodpecker cartoons and although they cut out the commercials they did decide to record most of the EBS test. It's pretty simple, consisting only of a single, rather discolored slide.

Did they have to traumatize kids by airing these tests during cartoons? It seems like they did the same thing in Chicago too from what I recall....

SuperStation WTBS - SuperStation Funtime (Bumper, 1983)

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Here is a bumper for SuperStation Funtime - a kid's show on early cable outlet SuperStation WTBS, featuring a kid voice over. It wasn't exactly Super Cartoon Sunrise, but then those were big shoes to fill.

This aired on local Chicago TV (Cable) in 1983.

WFLD Channel 32 - Super Cartoon Sunrise - "Coming This Fall" (Promo, 1978)

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Here's an early promo for WFLD Channel 32's Super Cartoon Sunrise.

Featured cartoon series shown in this "Coming This Fall" promo are Woody Woodpecker, Tom & Jerry, Popeye (the 1933-57 theatrical cartoons), and Fred Flintstone & Friends (a syndicated package of 1970s episodes, not to be confused with the original Flintstones series which was still being run by WGN Channel 9 at this point).

We see, from a brief shot at the star...

WFLD Channel 32 - Super Cartoon Sunrise - Popeye Hour (Partial Break #2, 1979?)

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Here's a partial commercial break for the Super Cartoon Sunrise Popeye Hour on WFLD Channel 32. Includes:

Ending of the Popeye short "The Mighty Navy"

WFLD Super Cartoon Sunrise - Popeye Hour bumper with theme song snippet (a jazzy, funky, disco-fied, Hammond B3 organ-heavy instrumental arrangement (with a bank of trumpets at the end) of "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here". (anyone know where it came from or who played on it?)

Commercial: Micronauts ...

CBS Late Movie Special Presentation - "The Super Fight" (Promo, 1979)

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Here's a promo for "The Super Fight" - a Special Presentation on the CBS Late Movie airing Friday, February 23rd 1979.

Voiceover by Norm Stevens.

"Rocky Marciano Vs. Muhammad Ali"

This promo aired on local Chicago TV early Tuesday, February 20th 1979.

WFLD Channel 32 - Super Cartoon Sunrise - "The Flintstones" (Bumper #2 with Theme Song, 1984)

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This is the one a lot of people have been waiting for...

Here is a second bumper for The Flintstones on Super Cartoon Sunrise on WFLD Channel 32. This dates to August of 1984. This version has no voiceover and instead plays a slightly longer snippet of the SCS Theme Song.

This one's also a little different from the Jetsons and Woody bumpers because it has the newer Metromedia 32 logo but also has "WFLD TV" added which the others do not.

In any c...

WFLD Channel 32 - Super Cartoon Sunrise - "Underdog Rain" (Bumper, 1984)

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Listen to Underdog - he says to bring your umbrella with you today!

Here's a commercial bumper for the Super Cartoon Sunrise presentation of Underdog on WFLD Channel 32 featuring the special rain variation. They would have these for various weather alerts such as cold weather or rain.

Also includes the superimposed digital ...

WLS Channel 7 - ABC Movie Special - "Rudolph and Frosty" (Commercial Break #2, 1981)

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Here's the second commercial break from the ABC Movie Special presentation of "Rudolph and Frosty" on WLS Channel 7. Includes:

"Rudolph and Frosty" bumper (voiceover by Joel Crager)

Commercial: A cool holiday themed one for Atari video games - with scenes of people inside playing Atari games while snow is falling outside, set to a synthesized version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" (voiceover by ??) - (C) 1981 Atari, Inc.

Theatrical tra...

WFLD Channel 32 - Super Cartoon Sunrise (Jetsons Bumper #1, 1984)

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Here is a bumper for the Jetsons on Super Cartoon Sunrise on WFLD Channel 32. This dates to August of 1984.

Voiceover by Jeff Lupetin - "Now back to the Jetsons..."

The curious thing about this bumper (and others to follow) is the black box that the characters are surrounding. First of all, I have to tell you that this bumper is not from an off-air recording. These bumpers were recorded from a master tape recorded at WFLD long ago. So, my first thought was t...