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WGN Channel 9 - Newsbreak (1978)

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Here's a mostly intact Newsbreak from WGN Channel 9 (the "early morning" sign-off edition), read by Ron Rolland. Includes:

Animated WGN "Last Farewell" Station ID (voiceover by Ron Rolland)

Opening of Newsbreak with simple slide and "Effervescence" by Dorf van der Linden, playing.

The following items are mentioned:

- Egypt's President Anwar el-Sadat to travel to...

WCIU Channel 26 - Eddie Korosa's Polka Party (Part 1, 1978)

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Here's Part 1 of the oldest Polka Party episode that I've been able to find so far. Includes:

EKJ opens the show with "Baby Doll Polka"

Linda and Irene Korosa wish everyone a happy Sweetest Day and Happy Mother-In-Law's Day. They also mention that Debbie Korosa will marry
Gary Bosetch (sp?) of Lockport the following day.

EKJ and the boys play "Eddie's Polka"

Commercial: Star Concertina & Imperial Manufacturing at 2618 West ...

Harris Bank with Gary Coleman (Commercial, 1977)

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Finally found one!

Here's a commercial for Harris Bank with Gary Coleman - one year before landing the role of Arnold on Diff'rent Strokes - starting out reading a book with the stuffed doll version of Hubert the lion (one of many in his possession) by his side, advising that this is the time of the year they are offered, to those depositing $200 or more up to October 7th.

NOTE: From the "In Case You Were Wondering" files - the book Gary i...

WFLD Channel 32 - Keyfax Nite-Owl Service - "Episode Two!" (Opening, 1981)

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Hallelujah! A new (though relatively tiny) example of Nite-Owl on WFLD Channel 32 has been found! A truly rare find, indeed.

In fact, this is the first new "proper" footage of Nite-Owl discovered in about 6 years! (Even a couple tiny bleed-through excerpts were only found as recently as 4 years ago.) And what a clip! This one stands to rewrite the history of when Nite-Owl began, since all evidence before this seemed to point to the starting date as being early Mo...

WPWR Channel 50 - Ultraman (Opening & Break, 1991)

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Here's the opening and first commercial break for Ultraman on WPWR Channel 50. Includes:

WPWR Brady Bunch bumper promo (voiceover by ??)

Opening to Ultraman (what a wimpy theme song - it's like Pat Boone compared to Spectreman's rockin' tune) (which one day I will learn how to play the bass line to) :-)

WPWR 50 Kid's Club "Summertime Place" lineup promo - The Jetsons at 2:30pm...

WFLD Channel 32 - Newscene with Kathy McFarland (1981)

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Here is the full presentation of Newscene with Kathy McFarland on WFLD Channel 32. Includes:

Newscene opening (Jim Barton voiceover)
Further evidence of a Recession - GNP down, Unemployment will rise.
Belvedere Chrysler plant lays off 3500 hourly workers for 3 weeks.
Cable snaps in Loop; debris falls.
Baby found dead; parents questioned.
19 letters written by Napoleon recovered in Chicago.
Weather Underground fugitive captured.

Way to Go! Special (Part 3, 1980)

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Here is Part 3 of the Field Communications produced Way to Go! Special - an hour long (compilation?) showcase of some special kids and what they do. Has a lot of nice little slices of late seventies life as a kid. :-) The tape was dated May of 1980. My contact says that only a few of these "Specials" were made. Like I said, I'm not sure if these were compilations of segments shown on the regular Way to Go program, or if they were specifically produced for these specials. I am pretty sure thi...

Arby's - "America's Roast Beef Yes Sir!" (Commercial, 1981)

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Here's a commercial for Arby's featuring Wolfman Jack and some Laurel & Hardy impersonators.

"The names of the two Laurel & Hardy impressionists who appear are Jim MacGeorge (Who plays Stan Laurel) and Chuck McCann (who Plays Oliver Hardy). MacGeorge is also known for doing voice overs for many tv cartoon series: EG "Capt. Huffenpuff" for "The Beany & Cecil Show" and "Whimper" For "Clue Club" and "Woofer & Whimper:Dog Detecives". McCann has also done voice overs for many t...

WMAQ Channel 5 - 4:30 Channel 5 News - "Mystery Lottery Winner Revealed" (1984)

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Here's a segment of Channel 5 News on WMAQ Channel 5, anchored by Ron Magers. Featuring Al Lerner reporting, with a brief appearance at the end by Deborah Norville.


(mostly complete) Opening animated of the 4:30 Channel 5 News title sequence

Ron Magers reports that only one person won the $40 million Illinois State Lottery "Lotto" jackpot, and throws it to Al Lerner at 111 East Wacker where he interviews the winner, 28-year...