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Activision - Megamania (Commercial #2, 1983)

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Here's another commercial for the Atari 2600 home videogame Megamania - by Activision. The previous one was definitely more rockin'.

Available at: Osco Drugs - Center Video - and Minnesota Fats

This aired on local Chicago TV on Saturday, February 5th 1983 during the 5:00pm to 6:00pm timeframe.

Battery Tester By Ronco (Commercial, 1982)

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Here's another A-mazing Ronco product - the Battery Tester! Makes a great Christmas gift. Available at:

Osco Drug
Family Drug Center
Ribordy Drug
Service Merchandise

This aired on local Chicago TV in December 1982.

Activision - Spider Fighter (Commercial, 1983)

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Here is a commercial for the Activision video game "Spider Fighter" for the Atari 2600. Game designed by Larry Miller.

Voiceover by William Woodson.

Available at:

Osco Drugs
Center Video
Minnesota Fats

This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, February 14th 1983.

Evening Tides Waterbeds - "Poem" (Commercial, 1987)

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Here's a 10-second commercial from Evening Tides Waterbeds, with company president Bob Krueger giving his spiel in rhyme.

Open in North Riverside Park Plaza, Morton Grove, Palatine, Bloomingdale (in Springbrook Center), North Aurora and Elk Grove.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, August 20th 1987 during the 10pm to 10:30pm timeframe.

Chicagoland Sport Fishing Travel & Outdoors Show (Commercial, 1981)

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Here's a commercial for the Chicagoland Sport Fishing Travel & Outdoors Show at the O'Hare Expo center January 23rd to February 1st 1981.

Voiceover by Clif Mercer.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, January 25th 1981.

The Wonderful World Of Magic - "Night Beat Magician" (1977?)

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Here is a segment I am jokingly calling the "Nightbeat Magician", from the program "The Wonderful World of Magic" (which starred Bill Bixby as host) that will be especially interesting to Classic Chicago TV fans.

The WGN overnight news program Nightbeat (during it's hey-day in the 70's) used as it's theme a section of the tune heard during this french magician's act - at about a minute a...

McDonald's - "Play and Win" (Commercial, 1982)

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Here's another commercial for McDonald's promoting their Atari "Scratch & Win" cards, with dramatized examples of past winners: the Baldwin family (presumably not including Alec or Billy) with an Atari home computer center (playing video games on the TV screen); Mike Jr. teaching his dad how to use the Atari 800 home computer; and the Murray family playing and winning an Atari home video game. Must be 13 or older to play. Expires October 22nd 1982 - or as long as supplies last. Void where...

WCIU Channel 26 - Mi Ecuador (Opening & Excerpt, 198?)

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Here's the opening and excerpt from Mi Ecuador on WCIU Channel 26 - another program catered to a specific ethnic community. Includes:

WCIU Station ID

Opening and a bit of Mi Ecuador (Featuring Rosalba Godoy)

Commercial: Porcelana medicated cream commercial (in Spanish) - Available at Walgreens.

Commercial: Unknown - some Medical Center? (incomplete)

Not sure when this aired, other than on a Sunday, prior to Bit of Y...

WSNS Channel 44 - Chicago Wrestling with Bob Luce - Ben's Auto Sales (Sponsorship Tag, 1980)

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Here's a sponsorship tag at the end of an airing of Chicago Wrestling from Ben's Auto Sales - 5858 South Western Avenue featuring Bob Luce, legendary wrestling promoter and pitchman.

Bob also teases a Wrestling event at the Hammond Civic Center, Saturday, October 18th 1980 at 8:30pm (doors open at 6:30!) between Bruiser and Brody (?)

Background music is the Disco Star Wars Theme by Meco