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WBBM Channel 2 - 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 7, 1985)

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Here's Part 7, the last part, of the (mostly complete) 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards broadcast.

This part features McLean Stevenson doing the closing and all the winners coming onto the stage.


1985 Chicago Emmy Awards
Executive Producer - Bob Smith
Produced by Jim Coursen
Directed by Phil Ruskin, George Hurd, Don Carruthers, and Cheryl Stutzke
Associate Producer - Ava Gardner
Engineer in Charge - Jim Scott

WLS Channel 7 - Fahey Flynn Presents Seven's Greetings (Part 7, 1972)

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Here's Part 7 (the final part) of Fahey Flynn Presents: Seven's Greetings, a Christmas Eve special hosted by the legendary news anchor on WLS Channel 7. This was transferred from the original 2" quad master tape (long since trashed) onto 3/4" Umatic, from which this transfer was made. The show was recorded on Tuesday, December 19th 1972.


Seven's Greetings bumper, with synthesized version of "Carol of the Bells" as the musical interlude

WMAQ Channel 5 - Real People (Part 3, 1980)

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Here's Part 3 (the final part) of an episode of the prototypical "reality show" Real People on WMAQ Channel 5.

In this segment, hosts (from L - R) Byron Allen, Skip Stephenson, Sarah Purcell and John Barbour sum up rhyming "thoughts to think about," with John musing about Three Mile Island's nuclear waste, Byron waxing philosophic about Gerald Ford's aborted 1980 Presidential run, Sarah ruminating on credit card charges, and Skip giving the lowdown on housing prices. Wi...

Various (Nashville Stations) - "A Flippin' Country Christmas"(1975)

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Not from Chicago, but still of historical interest: channel flipping through the dial on Nashville, Tennessee TV (via cable TV) on Christmas Day 1975. Features programming seen on ABC affiliate WNGE (now WKRN) Channel 2, NBC affiliate WSM (now WSMV) Channel 4, CBS affiliate WTVF Channel 5, and PBS affiliate WDCN (now WNPT) Channel 8, at least one or two as yet unidentified stations, plus cable Channel 6 (public access / public notices).


Channel 2

WGN Channel 9 - Nightbeat with Marty McNeeley "A Nightbeat New Year" (Part 2, 1983)

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Here's Part 2 of Nightbeat with Marty McNeeley on WGN Channel 9. Also featuring Muriel Clair and Robert Jordan. Includes:

A yellow cab driver, 30-year-old Harry Savalas (sp?), shot and seriously wounded after an incident on New Year's Eve at 7421 South Harvard Street; he is being treated for wounds to the chest at St. Bernard's Hospital.

A report from Muriel Clair at 600 West Washington about a New Year's Eve Day tradition dating back 125 years, a dinner...

WBBM Channel 2 - The 20th Annual Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 5, 1978)

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The transfer of this video clip made possible by your generous donations!

Here's Part 5 of the Twentieth Annual Chicago Emmy Awards on WBBM Channel 2, hosted by Bob Newhart.

This part features Johnny Morris, Hector Perez, Jim Tilmon, Ruth Graham, Warner Saunders, Frank Jackson, John Coughlin and Lee Phillip, archive footage of Frank Reynolds, Irv Kupcinet, Dorothy Vredenburgh, Jerry Colonna, Howard K. Smith, John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon, and phot...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Ending of The Big Event - "Rooster Cogburn," Break & NewsCenter5 Update (1979)

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Here's the ending credits for the John Wayne / Katharine Hepburn film "Rooster Cogburn and the Lady" [1975] as aired on NBC's The Big Event, followed by a NewsCenter5 Update anchored by Mike Jackson, all as aired on WMAQ Channel 5.


Film ending credits, with cast

Commercial: Schlitz Beer - "Beer Makes It Good - Schlitz Makes It Big" (voiceover by ??) - (C) 1979 Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co., Mil., Wis.


WFMT 98.7 FM - "The Big Snow" (Excerpts, 1967)

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50 Years Ago Today!!!

Here's a rare radio aircheck from "Chicago's Fine Arts Station," WFMT 98.7 FM, on the morning of the infamous Blizzard of '67. This features Jim Unrath, Marty Robinson (one of the main off-camera announcers, and on-air personalities during pledge drives, for WTTW Channel 11 for many years), and Norm Pellegrini. Includes:

Jim Unrath starting off this clip by signing on the station - and mentioning this was to have been the 211th anni...

WSNS Channel 44 - Al Lerner Sports - "So Long..." (Part 3, 1971)

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Here's Part 3 of the final episode of Al Lerner Sports on WSNS Channel 44. Lerner was the station's first sportscaster, and would go on to a long career with such stations as WLS Channel 7, WMAQ Channel 5, WGN Radio 720 and WSCR-AM, as well as being a wrestling announcer. Also featuring a young (and at this point, moustacheless) Tim Weigel, then a sportswriter for the now-defunct Chicago Daily News, who himself would become a familiar face on Chicago television, working for all three...