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McDonald's - "Island Adventure" (Commercial, 1978)

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Here's an old McDonald's commercial with Ronald McDonald and the now-discontinued character Captain Crook.

(Aired on Indiana television in 1978, but it's still neat to see)

Zenith - "Do It Now!" (Commercial, 1979)

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Here's a commercial for Zenith's "Do It Now!" sale, with your choice of 23" (diagonal) color TV consoles (in simulated wood grain finish) for only $548.88 - all this, to beat inflation.

Voiceover by Bud Kelly.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, February 2nd 1979.

Arby's - "Twins" (Commercial, 1978)

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Here's a commercial for Arby's featuring some annoying twins.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, November 16th 1978.

Golden Champale - "The Bold One" (Commercial, 1979)

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Here's a short 10 second spot for Golden Champale - a flavored malt liquor beverage.

This aired on local Indianapolis TV Wednesday, August 1st 1979 during the 6:00pm to 7:00pm timeframe.

The Fonz Pinball (Commercial, 1977)

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Here's a commercial for The Fonz Pinball by Coleco, based on the Happy Days character.

Voiceover by Wendell Craig.

This aired on local Chicago TV in the first week of December 1977.

Duracell - "New Cassette" (Commercial, 1977)

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Here's a commercial for Duracell batteries (by Mallory) featuring a teen excited about her new cassette album.

"No regular battery looks like it... or lasts like it!"

This aired on local Chicago TV on Tuesday, November 29th 1977.

Zayre - "Take Another Look" (Commercial, 1979)

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Here's another commercial for Zayre - this one with their "Take Another Look At Zayre" jingle.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Saturday, April 7th 1979.

The Random House Encyclopedia (Commercial, 1977)

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Here's a commercial for Random House encyclopedias - remember, those books that we used to have to consult for information before we had the Web? ;-)

Voiceover by Norman Rose.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, October 17th 1977.

Glow In The Dark Shrinky Dinks (Commercial, 1979)

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Here's a commercial for those fun little pieces of plastic we all loved - Shrinky Dinks - from Skyline Toys.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, October 22nd 1979.