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WMAQ Channel 5 - 5 Cheers Chicago's New Year (Part 2, 1980/1981)

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Back to Warner and Jerry, who (as well as the chyron display) remind the audience that they're at Miomir's Serbian Club at 2255 W. Lawrence, and Jerry explaining he'd earlier done a weather report in the middle of the street; he then happens on a sharp-dressed guy, Scott (?) of Evanston, IL, in a three-piece suit, having a real good time with friends and relatives (including his father, mother and aunt); Jerry explains his wife is working the other side of the place, and he's not having that ...

WLS Channel 7 - News Bulletin - "The Crash of Flight 191" (Part 4, 1979)

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Here's Part 4 of WLS Channel 7's news coverage of the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 (a DC-10 manufactured by McDonnell-Douglas; scheduled to travel from Chicago to Los Angeles), 1/2 mile northwest of O'Hare Airport. Featuring Fahey Flynn and Diane Allen. Includes:

News Bulletin bumper slide (voiceover by Janice Gears Kos)

Fahey Flynn has joined Diane in the Eyewitness News studio, and is leading off this part recounting on what he terms "the...

WNBQ Channel 5 - The Dorsey Connors Show (Part 2, 1963)

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Here's Part 2 (the final part) of an edition of The Dorsey Connors Show on WNBQ Channel 5 (which, like most shows of this period, is only available via 16mm kinescope film). Ms. Connors, who died on September 5th 2007, was a fixture on Chicago radio and television in the early years of the latter medium, with a daytime program that was along the lines of shows such as that of Lee Phillip on WBBM Channel 2. But whereas Ms. Phillip continually remade herself (and in the process, remain...

KTTV Channel 11 - Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Coverage (Part 2, 1968)

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This clip made possible by the donations from our generous group of "Fuzzketeers" during the Spring 2012 Tape Transfer Fundraiser.

Here's Part 2 of coverage of the 1968 assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy as it was breaking, from Metromedia Television News, originating out of KTTV Channel 11 in Los Angeles (a future sister station to WFLD Channel 32) and aired on sister sta...

WBBM Channel 2 - The 20th Annual Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 10, 1978)

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The transfer of this video clip made possible by your generous donations!

Here's Part 10 of the Twentieth Annual Chicago Emmy Awards on WBBM Channel 2, hosted by Bob Newhart.

This part features John Drury, Joan McGrath, Elayne Goldstein, Patterson Denny, Thea Flaum, Gene Siskel, and footage of Linda Winer.

Mr. Denny and Ms. Goldstein won in the category of "Outstanding Achievements for Entertainment Programs: For a Series" [7(B)] as co-pr...

KMBC Channel 9 - Sunday, Nuclear Sunday: Kansas City Reacts (Part 1, 1983)

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Here's Part 1 of a live, news discussion special called Sunday, Nuclear Sunday: Kansas City Reacts which aired on ABC affiliate KMBC Channel 9 in Kansas City, MO. (KMBC had been owned by Metromedia from 1961 to 1982 - the year before that company assumed control of WFLD Channel 32.)

This discussion program, aired right after the ABC telefilm The Day After, was hosted by Larry Moore (formerly of WLS Channel 7), incorporated a studio audience which had seen The D...

Harris Bank - Internal Promotional Film (Workprint) (Part 3, 1982)

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Here's the third and final part of something pretty neat and rare - a workprint of an internal promotional film from Harris Bank of Chicago, titled Honesty and Fair Dealing: An Introduction to the Harris Bank and the People Who Make It Work, produced for the company's 100th anniversary in 1982. (although maybe it's just the slightly washed-out and dirty work print, this almost seems like it could be from about 1977 - right down to the funky music. I do know that bank culture always se...

WGN Channel 9 - John Drury and NewsNine (Opening & Break, 1980)

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Here's the opening moments of John Drury and NewsNine on WGN Channel 9. Also featuring sportscaster Bill Frink (who, like Drury, had come to WGN from WLS Channel 7), meteorologist Roger Triemstra, and commentator Len O'Connor. Includes:

WGN "Last Farewell" ID (voiceover by Marty McNeeley)

John Drury teases the following headlines:

- President Carter reports progress in trying to get 52 U.S. hostages held in Tehran released
- Possibi...

WBBM Channel 2 - TV 2 News at 6pm (Part 1, 1974)

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Here's Part 1 of a complete edition of the TV 2 News at 6pm on WBBM Channel 2 with anchor Bob Wallace, with a brief appearance by John Coughlin and featuring Bob Faw. Includes:

TV 2 station ID bumper (voiceover by ??)

TV 2 News at 6pm open - "From the Newsroom" - featuring Wallace and weather forecaster John Coughlin, plus preview of Part 2 of Bob Faw's report on coal mining in Illinois (voiceover by ??)

Bob Wallace announces at the ...