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Harris Bank - Internal Promotional Film (Workprint) (Part 3, 1982)

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Here's the third and final part of something pretty neat and rare - a workprint of an internal promotional film from Harris Bank of Chicago, titled Honesty and Fair Dealing: An Introduction to the Harris Bank and the People Who Make It Work, produced for the company's 100th anniversary in 1982. (although maybe it's just the slightly washed-out and dirty work print, this almost seems like it could be from about 1977 - right down to the funky music. I do know that bank culture always se...

WLS Channel 7 - Eyewitness News At 5pm (Part 1, 1978)

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Here's Part 1 of a complete edition of the Eyewitness News at 5pm on WLS Channel 7. This is from a recording of the studio feed, so there are no commercials - instead we get to see some off-the-cuff moments where the anchors are waiting to go back on the air. Features John Drury, Terry Murphy, Bill Frink, Johnny Mountain, Bob Petty, Hugh Hill, and others. This part includes the following stories:

(opening cut slightly - recording starts late) (opening voiceover by ??)

WFMT 98.7 FM - "The Big Snow" (Excerpts, 1967)

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50 Years Ago Today!!!

Here's a rare radio aircheck from "Chicago's Fine Arts Station," WFMT 98.7 FM, on the morning of the infamous Blizzard of '67. This features Jim Unrath, Marty Robinson (one of the main off-camera announcers, and on-air personalities during pledge drives, for WTTW Channel 11 for many years), and Norm Pellegrini. Includes:

Jim Unrath starting off this clip by signing on the station - and mentioning this was to have been the 211th anni...

WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 - "The Crash of Flight 191 - The Day After" (Part 2, 1979)

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Here's more coverage of the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 at O'Hare Field, the worst air disaster in U.S. history; this is Part 2 (the last part) of a special edition of NewsCenter5 with Mike Jackson and Carol Marin from the day after the crash. Featuring Lynne Scott, Barry Kaufman, Stephen Ray, Jim Tilmon and Bonnie DeVries. Includes:

Mike Jackson describes the grim task county medical examiners have in identifying the bodies pulled from the wreckage of Flight...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Kidding Around - "Kid Contortionist-Acrobat" (1979)

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Here's an installment from Kidding Around, a Saturday kids' show that ran from 1978 to 1985 on WMAQ Channel 5.

The main host was Steve Smith (not to be confused with the Canadian comedian of the same name who is best known as outdoorsman Red Green on a long-running TV series, The Red Green Show), and his co-hostess here is Shawn Gourdie (who, at the time, was 13 years old and a seventh-grader at Sudling Junior High in Palatine; a Chicago Tribune piece on the prog...

WCIU Channel 26 - The Ginny Tiu Show (Part 2, 1969)

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Here's Part 2 of The Ginny Tiu Show which aired on WCIU Channel 26. Ms. Tiu was a child prodigy pianist whose chief claim to fame was playing by ear and not being able to read a note, and who was a familiar presence on such 1960's TV series as The Ed Sullivan Show, Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall, and a 1966 episode of I've Got a Secret (from Steve Allen's run as host), as well as appearing in the 1962 Elvis Presley film Girls! Girls! Girls! In later years, ...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Gavilan - "The Guns of Harry August" (Opening, Break & Ending, 1982)

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Here's a few segments of an episode (entitled "The Guns of Harry August") of another short-lived series that ran over the NBC Network in the early 1980's - and therefore, in the Windy City, on our own WMAQ Channel 5 - Gavilan. (don't read too quick and mistake it for "Galivan")

This show was one of several over the years that starred the late Robert Urich, here in the role of Robert Gavilan, an ex-CIA agent currently in the employ of an oceanographic institute run by Ma...

WLS Channel 7 - 30th Anniversary Special (Part 2, 1978)

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Here's Part 2 of WLS Channel 7's 30th Anniversary Special, broadcast from Chicago's Park West and hosted by Eyewitness News anchors Fahey Flynn and Joel Daly.

This part includes:

Fahey and Joel walking on the stage to the podium (with the iconic "Circle 7" logo up front), introduced (off-camera) by Gary Gears

Fahey opens with his famed "How do you do, ladies and gentlemen" intro, to hearty applause, while he and Joel trade barbs about...

WIIC Channel 11 - 6:30 News Roundup With Len Johnson (1962)

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Exactly 56 years ago today (at 6:30 PM)!

Here's an incredible find - usually anything this old, if I am lucky to find it, is on a 16mm kinescope (remember, in 1962 Quad tape itself was only 6 years old). And even though it's from a Pittsburgh station, it has a very strong Chicago connection, as it is anchored by Len Johnson, whose voice (if not face) will no doubt be very recognizable to people who watched WGN in the 60s, 70s, and very early 80s. He was one of the ub...