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WSNS Channel 44 - The 1 O'Clock Movie - "Gulliver's Travels" (Break #4, 1979)

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Now for some more neat old TV-44 footage!

Here is Commercial Break #4 for The 1 O'Clock Movie presentation of the animated "Gulliver's Travels" on WSNS. Includes:

The 1 O'Clock Movie bumper slide

Shades of Green - Great Irish Ballads as sung by Martin Flynn - Hall of Music Record Offer

TV-44 Chicago Black Hawk Hockey promo - Weeknights at 6 (Voiceover by Linda Frost)

The 1 O'Clock Movie bumper slide


Activision - Pitfall! With Jack Black (Commercial, 1983)

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Here's a commercial for the videogame Pitfall! by Activision and featuring at the beginning a very young-looking appearance of the actor Jack Black - rockin' the pith helmet.

That girl at the end - I remember her from Twilight Zone: The Movie too - but I know she's been in lots of other stuff from the time period.

Available at: Walgreen's and Video Etc.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, October 30th 1983.

WLS Channel 7 - The ABC Friday Night Movie - "Curse of the Black Widow" (Opening & Break, 1977)

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Here's the opening and first commercial break of The ABC Friday Night Movie presentation of "Curse of the Black Widow" - a made-for-TV movie starring Vic Morrow, Patty Duke, June Lockhart, June Allyson, and Sid Caesar. Includes:

WLS-TV Channel 7 bumper

Opening of The ABC Friday Night Movie with "Curse of the Black Widow" teaser

Commercial: Nabisco Spoon-Size Shredded Wheat - "Tasty Snacks at a Thrifty Price"


NBC Network - Black Sheep Squadron & Police Woman (Promo, 1978)

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Here is an NBC Network promo for Black Sheep Squadron and Police Woman episodes that aired Wednesday, January 11th 1978.

Voiceover by Norman Rose.

This promo aired on local Chicago TV Monday, January 9th 1978.

WSNS Channel 44 - Monster Movie One - "The Spider" (Commercial Break, 1982)

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Here is a full commercial break for WSNS Channel 44's Monster Movie - "The Spider" (A.K.A. “Earth Vs. The Spider”). Includes:

“Monster Movie One” bumper (Different than the other bumpers, with addition of “One”) (In Black and White) (A second of “Night on Bald Mountain” music too)

Playboy (with Alex Haley and Elliott Gould)

World Championship Tennis on TV-44 (Advertises a match in Richmond between Jose Luis Clerc and Fritz Buehning...

WFLD Channel 32 - The Jack Benny Show (Black & White Notice, 1974?)

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Finally - some WFLD stuff from the same batch that isn't from March 1971. ;-) Here is an on-screen notice during The Jack Benny Show on WFLD Channel 32 informing you of a "Black & White Telecast".

Can anyone with access to the old TV guides find a listing for The Jack Benny Show on WFLD? Also, refresh my memory - when was Kaiser Broadcasting in control of WFLD? I know it ended in September of 1977, but not when they began exactly.

Not sure when this aired exa...

WMAQ Channel 5 - The Richard Pryor Special Tornado Warning (1977)

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Here's a Tornado Warning that interrupted the first NBC Richard Pryor special on Thursday, May 5th 1977. WMAQ-TV's Ron Hunter and Jim Tilmon give you all the info you need - but if you're like me you'll still confuse a Tornado Watch with a Tornado Warning.

The interruption occurred during some adorable kids' rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Black Man".

"The first clock in America was created by a black man - BENJAMIN BANN-"

This aired on local ...

WFLD Channel 32 - Creature Feature - "The Black Cat" (Tiny Opening Excerpt, 1979)

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Blink, and you'll miss it!

Here is an extreme rarity - a painfully small excerpt from the opening of WFLD Channel 32's Creature Feature program. This was the program that was replaced by Son of Svengoolie in Summer of 1979.

If you pause the video at the right spot you can see a fairly clear shot of the opening title. You can make out a smokey graveyard type atmosphere with a black crow or raven perched on a tree branch to the right and a coffin in the foregro...

WFLD Channel 32 - Movie 32 - "Topper Takes A Trip" (Break #1, 1971)

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Here's commercial break #1 for the Movie 32 presentation of "Topper Takes a Trip" on WFLD Channel 32. Includes:

Doublemint gum (in black and white)

Star-kist Tuna (with Charlie the Tuna) - "Sorry, won't be eaten today..." (can't make out the copyright date) (in black and white)

Movie 32 bumper (in color) with voiceover - "And now back to tonight's feature..." (by Del Clark)

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, M...