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WGN Channel 9 - "Season's Greetings Christmas Tree" (Bumper, 1979)

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Here's a "Season's Greetings from the WGN Family" Christmas tree slate bumper.

Bob Bell does the voice over of "Happy Holidays from WGN Television Chicago"

This aired on local Chicago TV on Tuesday, December 25th 1979.

WGN Channel 9 - WGN Friday Night Movie - "The Incredible Shrinking Man" (Opening, 1980)

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Here's the opening for the WGN Friday Night Movie presentation of "The Incredible Shrinking Man" on WGN Channel 9. Unfortunately the pre-show break or sponsorship notices (whichever it was) were cut, so all we see is a brief glimpse of a Shutan Camera slide.

Voiceover by ??

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, April 18th 1980 at 7pm.

WGN Channel 9 - "Season's Greetings From The WGN Family" (Bumper, 1977)

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Here's a bumper for WGN Channel 9 wishing everyone a "Season's Greetings," with a video animated six-pronged snowflake morphing into a kaleidoscopic "Season's Greetings" seen forwards and backwards, followed by a wreath with Christmas tree lights on a red background and the all-important message - all to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, December 25th 1977.

WGN Channel 9 - The WGN 8:00 Movie - "A Hard Day's Night" (Opening, 1977)

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Here's the opening of The WGN 8:00 Movie presentation of "A Hard Day's Night" featuring the Beatles, on WGN Channel 9. Also includes a "Last Farewell" animated WGN station ID at the beginning, and a snippet of the beginning of an Imperial margarine ad at the end (voiceover by Peter Thomas).

The opening graphics seen here are the same as those in

WGN Channel 9 - WGN Presents - "The Two Mrs. Carrolls" (Bumper Promo, 1984)

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Here is a longer WGN Presents bumper during a showing of the Elvis movie "Wild in the Country" on WGN Channel 9, where they were giving a promo for tomorrow night's movie - "The Two Mrs. Carrolls".

Features the famous long-running theme music of WGN Presents along with graphics of various stars including Jane Fonda, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Humphrey Bogart, Burt Reynolds, Jack Nicholson, John Wayne, Barbra Streisand, Marlon Brando, and Peter Sellers.


WGN Channel 9 - "Chanukah Greetings" (Bumper, 1979)

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Here is a WGN Channel 9 Hanukkah bumper for the holiday season.

Voiceover by Bob Bell.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, December 21st 1979 at 6:30am.

WGN Channel 9 - Weather Break with Tom Skilling (1980)

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Here's another weather break on WGN Channel 9 featuring meteorologist (or do you say Weather Man?) Tom Skilling.

(C) 1980, WGN Continental Broadcasting Co.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, February 7th 1980.

WGN Channel 9 - "Season's Greetings" (Bumper, 1979)

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Here's another "Season's Greetings from the WGN Family" bumper slate.

Voiceover by Bob Bell.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, December 20th 1979.

WGN Channel 9 - WGN Thursday Night Movie - "Capone" (Technical Difficulty Moment, 1983)

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Here's a technical difficulty moment during the Thursday Night Movie presentation of "Capone" on WGN Channel 9. Includes:

Commercial: Pioneer Village Motel & Restaurant - I-80 at Minden Nebraska Exit (comes in at end)

WGN Thursday Night Movie bumper

11 seconds of black

WGN Television Chicago Station ID slide (on for 33 seconds)

"Please Stand By" slide (on for 9 seconds before returning to the movie)