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WGN Channel 9 - "Boz Knows" (Promo, 1991)

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And now, another FuzzyMemoriesTV Instant Request!! This one goes out to one of FM's superstars, Mr. Chris Tufts, television researcher and curator extraordinaire. :-)

Here's a memorable promo for WGN - "Boz Knows". A take-off on the popular "Bo Knows" Nike commercials seen around this time. This one features legendary sportscaster Harry Caray, Mark Grace of the Chicago Cubs, Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, Mike Tomczak of the Chicago Bears, news anchors Allison ...

WSNS Channel 44 - Fútbol (Commercial Break, 1986)

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By request, here's another commercial break from when WSNS Channel 44 was newly Spanish - this time during a broadcast of Futbol (Soccer - not sure what match it is - World Cup?) Includes:

Tony Tirado of SIN says some things in Spanish that I can't understand before going to the commercial break.

Arencibia Joyeria at 2710 North Milwaukee (featuring Luis Arencibia)

George Isuzu at 3701 North Western

Magnum No Frills Car Insurance Age...

Field Communications - Internal Sales Tape (Part 2, 1980)

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Here is Part 2, the final part, of an excellent time capsule of the five Field Communications family of independent television stations. Field Communications was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Field Enterprises - which at one time owned the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. Chock full of vintage station id's, bumpers, slides, logos, jingles, promos, you name it!

This presentation includes: ratings and audience share summaries, mention of Field Spot Sales joining forces with The Katz...

The Roast Of Tim Weigel - "Jimmy Piersall" (Part 4, 1981)

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Here's Part 4 of an interesting "backstage" glimpse at some local TV personalities of yore - raw footage shot at a dinner event "roasting" Tim Weigel. (Roasting Weigel's Weiner?) Included are such notables as Fahey Flynn, Ray Meyer, Joel Daly, Bill Veeck, Al Lerner, Bill Gleason, Jack Brickhouse, and more. (Can anyone help ID any? They don't have to be famous, if you know who someone is, let me know)

Part 4 includes former ballplayer and White Sox broadcaster Jimmy Piersall...

WGN Channel 9 - The Morning Movie - "Sorry, Wrong Number" (Commercial Break #6, 1975)

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Here's Commercial Break #6 during The Morning Movie presentation of "Sorry, Wrong Number" on WGN Channel 9. Quality varies due to reception and tape degradation issues. Includes:

The Morning Movie bumper slide (with music from "Sorry, Wrong Number") (slightly cut-off by change of tape during recording)

(a tape change by the person recording this broadcast occurred here, not sure what commercials (or how many) were cut during the change)

WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 At 5pm - "The Blizzard of '78" (Part 2, 1978)

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Everyone remembers the great Blizzard of '79 - but how many people remember the Blizzard of 1978? Before the big snow in 1979 hit, this seemed fairly significant I guess, although not as bad as the Big Snow of 1967. Was this just a case of snow-perbole? You decide.

Here is Part 2 of some footage from the NewsCenter5 airing at 5pm on WMAQ Channel 5, with Mike Jackson, Ron Hunter, and Jerry Taft.

This part features the "5 Minutes" segment with guest Dr. Edward W...

Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits (Record Offer, 1981)

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Here's a record offer for the compilation album Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits, (from C & L Marketing, Inc.) which featured one of his biggest hits, "Lady."

Also on this set were re-recordings (from his 1977 album Ten Years of Gold, United Artists UA-LA835-H) of two hits from his days with The First Edition, "Ruby" (full title: "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town") and "Reuben James," plus his other solo hits "The Gambler," "Lucille," "Long Arm of the Law," "Love ...

Columbia Record & Tape Club - "Dick Clark's Superstars" (Commercial, 1980)

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Here's another commercial featuring Dick Clark promoting the latest albums from Linda Ronstadt (Mad Love), Supertramp (Breakfast in America), Billy Joel (Glass Houses), and other superstars that are being offered at 13 albums for a penny (plus a bonus "Gold Box" album) by the Columbia Record & Tape Club. Can be found in your latest issue of TV Guide, Parade and Family Weekly.

Other albums seen in this ad, either in vinyl, 8-track or ca...

WGN Channel 9 - Five Minutes to Live By, Station Sign-On & Opening of The Westerners (1982)

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Here's a complete sign-on segment from WGN Channel 9, including a Five Minutes to Live By sermonette and opening moments of a Zane Grey Theatre episode aired under the syndicated umbrella title The Westerners. Includes:

Station ID / Promo for A Woman Called Golda starring Ingrid Bergman for Tuesday, April 27th at 7pm

Five Minutes to Live By with Father Ronald Turcich, Principal of Saint Rita Elementary School in Chicago - a ser...