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Snipets - "Body Pride" (1976?)

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HERE'S ANOTHER LONG LOST SNIPETS SEGMENT! Features a young Black/Asian (?) lad, contemplating his physical features, while we hear his internal monologue.

This one actually came from 16mm film and interestingly, includes the opening and closing Snipets bumpers - the Kaiser Broadcasting variation no less.

This is one of the "Pride Has Many Faces" series of Snipets of which t...

WLS Channel 7 - ABC Theatre - "A Time For Miracles" (Opening & Break, 1980)

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Here's the opening and first break of the ABC Theatre presentation (actually a special ABC Sunday Night Movie presentation) of "A Time for Miracles" starring Kate Mulgrew. Includes:

Bumper promo for "7 On Gun Control" featuring Karen Kalish

ABC Theatre opening (older style - different than the one seen by 1983) (voiceover by Ernie Anderson)

Commercial: Andre ...

WFLD Channel 32 - "Festival Of Television" (Promo, 1978)

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Here's a promo for the "Festival of Television" and their first night of special programming on WFLD Channel 32. Here are Chris Tuft's recollections:

"It was a weeknight hour of 1950s sitcoms. Monday (June 19th 1978) was (as noted in the promo) "The Jack Benny Show" (at 10:30pm) and "My Hero" (at 11pm). Tuesday was "Topper" and "The Gale Storm Show", Wednesday was "Love That Bob" and "How to Marry a Millionaire". Thursday was "Bachelor Father" and "People's Choice." Fr...

K-tel - 24 Greatest Dumb Ditties (Record Offer, 1977)

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Not from a Chicago airing, but still interesting- here's a record offer commercial for the compilation 24 Greatest Dumb Ditties from K-tel (catalogue number NU 9330).

Features such novelties as "My Ding-a-Ling" by Chuck Berry, "Monster Mash" by Bobby (Boris) Pickett and The Crypt Kickers, "Beans in My Ears" by The Serendipity Singers, "I'm a Nut" by Leroy Pullins, "Pink Shoe Laces" by Dodie Stevens, and "On Top of Spaghetti" by Tom Glazer and The Children's Chor...

WOR Channel 9 - News 9 - "Tom Dunn, Kid Reporter" Promo & 9 All Night Bumper (1984)

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Here's a promo for News 9 on WOR Channel 9 in New York City, spotlighting anchor Tom Dunn's interest in news dating from his childhood (with a younger actor playing the younger Dunn). The real-life Tom Dunn (who died in 2006) is shown towards the end, both solo and flanked by (clockwise from lower left) co-anchor Sara Lee Kessler (last heard from on FM News 101.9 in New York, a sister station to our very own local former FM News 101.1), weatherman Lloyd Lindsay Young (last heard from ...

WGN Channel 9 - Miles Showcase Theatre - "The Maltese Falcon" (On-Screen ID, 1973)

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Here's an on-screen station ID from the Miles Showcase Theatre presentation of the 1941 Humphrey Bogart movie "The Maltese Falcon" on WGN Channel 9. The ID is typeset on a very primitive character generator system whose service dated back to the late 1960's, and was used by other stations and networks on such news events as the 1968 Democratic National Convention and the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. This early CG typesetting preceded such systems as Vidifont and Chyron.


ABC Network - NCAA Football - Michigan State vs. Iowa (Commercial Break, 1969)

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Here's a commercial break for the ABC Network's airing of the Michigan State vs. Iowa NCAA college football game at Iowa Stadium in Iowa City (part of the Regional Big 10 Battle), with a commercial (which, in those days, was one minute long) for Sunoco - "Stop at Sunoco . . . Go With Confidence."

At the time of this, the only commercial break that was left intact on this recording ( :-( ) which was made on 2" Quad tape at WLS Channel 7, the Michigan State Spartans were leadin...

WGN Channel 9 - Miles Showcase Theatre - "The Maltese Falcon" (Commercial Break #2, 1973)

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Here's the second commercial break for the Miles Showcase Theatre presentation of the 1941 Humphrey Bogart movie "The Maltese Falcon" on WGN Channel 9. Includes:

Host Ray Rayner starts off by introducing a commercial for Alka-Seltzer, another in their series of ads along the lines of their "Spicy Meatball" and "I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing" campaigns. In this example, a man at a dinner table assures his mother he's sure he's had enough. A color version of thi...

WFLD Channel 32 - The Dance Fever Christmas Special (Part 3, 1980)

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Here's Part 3 of your holiday cheese platter for this year - The 1st Annual Dance Fever Christmas Special. Hosted by Deney Terrio (with his dance group "Motion"), and featuring guest celebrity judges Robert Blake and his 14 year old daughter Delinah (now known as Delinah Blake Hurwitz), Chad Everett and his 9 year old daughter Shannon, and Connie Stevens and her 11 year old daughter Tricia Leigh (now known as Tricia Leigh Fisher). Also features David Copperfield doing a magic segment and Th...