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WFLD Channel 32 - Scared Straight! (Part 5, 1979)

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Here's Part 5 of the controversial Academy Award-winning documentary Scared Straight! (hosted and narrated by Peter Falk) as aired on WFLD Channel 32. This was from an "encore presentation." Includes:

Scared Straight! zooming title bumper, with another shot of a cell door with inmate inside closing

"Life Sentence - Murder" starts off the bat by threatening to "turn [the] teeth" of one delinquent "upside down," then demands to know whose shoes are ...

WLS Channel 7 - 30th Anniversary Special (Part 6, 1978)

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Here's Part 6 of WLS Channel 7's 30th Anniversary Special, broadcast from Chicago's Park West and hosted by Eyewitness News anchors Fahey Flynn and Joel Daly.

This part includes:

Long shot of anniversary audience and show title on screen, with intro of preview of films to be shown on ABC's movie shows in the 1978-79 season (introductory voiceover by Gary Gears)

"The Movies on ABC" promo (voiceover by Ernie Anderson), with clips from t...

Harris Bank - Internal Promotional Film (Workprint) (Part 1, 1982)

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Here's Part 1 of something pretty neat and rare - a workprint of an internal promotional film from Harris Bank of Chicago, titled Honesty and Fair Dealing: An Introduction to the Harris Bank and the People Who Make It Work, produced for the company's 100th anniversary in 1982. (although maybe it's just the slightly washed-out and dirty work print, this almost seems like it could be from about 1977 - right down to the funky music. I do know that bank culture always seems to be a bit be...

WSNS Channel 44 - Coping, Dimensions '76, The Illinois State Lottery & The Jerry Lewis Telethon (Excerpts, 1976-77)

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This clip made possible by the donations from our generous group of "Fuzzketeers" during the Spring 2012 Tape Transfer Fundraiser.

Here are some excerpts of the various public affairs and miscellaneous programming offered by WSNS Channel 44 in the mid-1970's, from a demo reel produced by the station. Included are:

Opening moments of a monthly health talk series,

WLS Channel 7 - News - "Armed Gunman Inside Channel 7 Building" (Part 3, 1990)

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Here's Part 3 (the final part) of WLS Channel 7's news coverage of an armed robbery suspect who hid out for 40 hours at the 190 North State Street building that houses the station.

This part begins with anchors Jim Rosenfield and Sylvia Perez at the Eyewitness News desk. The tape comes in as Sylvia explains that the third floor where the studios are have been sealed, and that no one in the building would be let in or out. They then introduce Paul Meincke who's still ou...

KTTV Channel 11 - Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Coverage (Part 2, 1968)

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This clip made possible by the donations from our generous group of "Fuzzketeers" during the Spring 2012 Tape Transfer Fundraiser.

Here's Part 2 of coverage of the 1968 assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy as it was breaking, from Metromedia Television News, originating out of KTTV Channel 11 in Los Angeles (a future sister station to WFLD Channel 32) and aired on sister sta...

WFLD Channel 32 - Son of Svengoolie - "The Monolith Monsters" (Show #150) (Ending, 1982)

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Here's the ending segment of Show #150 of Son of Svengoolie on WFLD Channel 32. The movie aired on this day was the 1957 film "The Monolith Monsters," starring Grant Williams, Lola Albright and Les Tremayne. Includes:

Sven in his coffin advising that next week, SoS will be preempted by White Sox baseball, and he will be back with two shows two weeks from now - "Frankenstein" (1931) on Friday, June 25th at 8pm (a "Friday Night Fright, Sven Summer Special"), and "...

WFLD Channel 32 - Scared Straight! (Part 1, 1979)

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Here's Part 1 of the controversial documentary Scared Straight! as aired on WFLD Channel 32. This Academy Award-winning special program, which dealt with a group of juvenile delinquents at a three-hour session with actual convicts serving life imprisonment at Rahway State Prison in New Jersey, was directed by Arnold Shapiro and hosted by Peter Falk. This airing was of an "encore presentation."

A side note: The nationally-syndicated Scared Straight! also aired i...

WLS Channel 7 - News Bulletin - "The Crash of Flight 191" (Part 1, 1979)

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Here's Part 1 of WLS Channel 7's news coverage of the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 (a DC-10 manufactured by McDonnell-Douglas; scheduled to travel from Chicago to Los Angeles), 1/2 mile northwest of O'Hare Airport. Featuring Diane Allen, Peter Karl and Eastern Airlines pilot Ed Marino. Includes:

Continuing live shots of the smoldering fire that consumed the plane (from Higgins & Elmhurst in Elk Grove Village), with ongoing commentary by Diane Allen; we see the live r...