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Screaming Yellow Theater (Svengoolie) - "Professor Irwin Corey" (Break #2, 1972)

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Here's a segment from Screaming Yellow Theater - the original Svengoolie, which aired on WFLD Channel 32 from 1970-1973. Svengoolie was played by Jerry G. Bishop.

This Break #2 from an unknown episode number again features "Professor" Irwin Corey - from Mr. Kelly's. He's a comedian who is still around! Check out his website and some other information.

WLS Channel 7 - American Bandstand - "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Excerpts & Channel Switching, 1976)

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Here's some excerpts an a broadcast of the long-running American Bandstand with Dick Clark on WLS Channel 7, featuring the premiere of a video by the legendary rock group Queen (Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Meddows-Taylor and John Deacon). Includes:

Dick Clark talking while sitting in the studio audience, introducing a music video of Queen's new hit "Bohemian Rhapsody," from their album A Night at the Opera (Elektra 7E-1053) whose cover he shows

WGN Channel 9 - Sunday Matinee - "The World of Hans Christian Andersen" (Opening, 1977)

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Here's the opening moments of the Sunday Matinee presentation of the 1971 animated feature "The World of Hans Christian Andersen" on WGN Channel 9. Includes:

"Season's Greetings From The WGN Family" bumper

Sunday Matinee "camera and filmstrip" slide, with Raymond Lefevre and His Orchestra's version of The Young Rascals' "Groovin'," and voiceover (by ?) introducing the movie and having a little flub with "Christmas Dray..."

"NTA Relea...

WGN Channel 9 - The Late Movie - "The Cocoanuts" (Opening & Break, 1987)

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Here's the opening moments and first commercial break of The Late Movie presentation of the Marx Brothers' first feature, "The Cocoanuts" (1929), on WGN Channel 9. This screening marked the last time WGN aired a Marx Brothers movie on New Year's Day. Includes:

WGN Station ID - with Bob Vorwald of WGN's sports department wishing everybody a happy holiday season (background music: "Deck the Halls" by Mannheim Steamroller)

The Late Movie CGI open wi...

WFLD Channel 32 - Son of Svengoolie - "Beast From 20,000 Fathoms" (Ending & Commercial Break, 1985)

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Here's the ending of the Son of Svengoolie presentation of "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" [1953]. This was the third and final time he showed this film. Includes:

Ending of the film

Commercial: Jordache - Distressed Denim - "You've Got The Look" (80s Style) (10 second ad)

Son of Sven bumper - featuring a joke that loses most of its impact due to the fact that it didn't immediately follow the end of the movie (thanks a lot, Metromedia bean...

WBBM Channel 2 - New Year's Eve: Chicago Style with Chuck Berry and Henny Youngman (Excerpts, 1978/1979)

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Here are some partial excerpts of WBBM Channel 2's 1978/1979 edition of New Year's Eve: Chicago Style, with Chuck Berry ripping it up on the stage at the Park West (322 West Armitage Avenue). Featuring Henny Youngman and Bob Sirott at the aforementioned venue, and Bob Wallace at Arnie's. Includes:

Henny and Bob Sirott inquiring as to what Chuck is to play, and the rock 'n' roll pioneer rambling on about his suit and how "I wanna rock!", before he starts on a long versi...

WLS Channel 7 - The 3:30 Movie - "Northwest Mounted Police" (Promo, 1972)

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Here's something very rare - a [sound modified] promo for an upcoming 3:30 Movie presentation (in two parts) of the 1940 film "Northwest Mounted Police" (directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard) on WLS Channel 7, from within the venerable afternoon movie showcase's early years.

Pretty neat find, showing different 3:30 Movie title graphics than we've seen before. Anyone remember this version? Could it have only been used for the...

Screaming Yellow Theater (Svengoolie) - "Larry Lujack" - Svengoolie's Brain Busters (Segment #1-1, 1973)

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Here's another segment from Screaming Yellow Theater - the original Svengoolie, which aired on WFLD Channel 32 from 1970-1973. Svengoolie was played by Jerry G. Bishop. By this point, if the clapboard is of any indication, the SYT title had been eschewed in favor of Svengoolie.

This segment (#1-1) is from Show #61 (according to the clapboard), with guest Larry Lujack. A picture of the legendary Chicago "superjock," who was holding court at WCFL AM ...

Two Guys From Muck (Opening, 1982)

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Here is a (mostly complete) opening from a forgotten pilot, Two Guys From Muck. (The audio doesn't come in until about four seconds into this clip.) The credits (with pertinent shots of the actors involved) are as follows:

Starring Adam Arkin, Rick Casorla, Gwen Humble, and Graham Jarvis as Editor Davis

Special Guests (in alphabetical order): Victor Buono, Jill St. John, Larry Storch

Executive Producers - Lee Rich and Philip Capice