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WGN Channel 9 - Mid-Day Report With Merri Dee (Partial, 1978)

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Here's the beginning of an edition of the Mid-Day Report with Merri Dee on WGN Channel 9. Includes:

Mid-Day Report bumper with (C) 1978, WGN Continental Broadcasting Co.

Merri Dee reads the following stories:

Senate begins debate on the Natural Gas price deregulation bill, which aims to phase out all price controls by 1985

House is likely to finish work on the Carter Administration's Civil Service Reform Bill


Chicago White Sox - Fan Appreciation Day (Promo, 1984)

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Here's a promo for the Chicago White Sox for a Fan Appreciation Day on Sunday, September 23rd 1984 where you can win thousands of prizes, including a microwave oven!

This aired on local Chicago TV in September of 1984.

World Communications Day (PSA, 1980)

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Here's a public service announcement with Barbara Rush encouraging you to "watch what your child watches". From the Catholic Church World Communications Day - Sunday, June 1st 1980.

(The screaming heard over the "bad movie" the kids are watching is the same tape loop that was used as part of the theme for the original Svengoolie show starring Jerry G. Bishop)

This aired on local Chicago TV on Saturday, May 31st 1980.

CBS Network Christmas Specials (Promo, 1978)

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Here are some promos for specials on CBS - Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer, Bing Crosby - The Christmas Years, and Johnny Cash Christmas Show.

This aired on local Chicago TV in December of 1978.

WGN Channel 9 - The Late Movie - "Duck Soup" (Opening & Break, 1983)

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Here's the opening moments and first commercial break of The Late Movie presentation of The Marx Brothers' 1933 film "Duck Soup" (their last for Paramount Pictures, and the last in which Zeppo was a part of the team) on WGN Channel 9. Includes:

Animated - "Superman" WGN Station ID

Opening titles for The Late Movie, previewing a Marx Brothers' double feature of "Duck Soup" and "Horse Feathers" (voiceover by Merri Dee) (music used is "Touchdown" by B...

WGN Channel 9 - "Happy Thanksgiving Day" (Partial Bumper, 1978)

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Here's a quick flash of a partial Thanksgiving Day bumper on WGN Channel 9 that aired immediately following the ending credits of "The Flying Deuces" starring Laurel and Hardy. The logo shown would pinpoint the origin of this bumper to earlier in the decade.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, November 23rd 1978 at 4:30pm.

Jewel Food Stores - "Groovy Father's Day" (Commercial, 1978)

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Here's a commercial for some Father's Day deals from Jewel Food Stores and Jewel Grand Bazaar.

Voiceover by Joe Slattery. The actor playing "Dad" is Bob Moomey.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, June 15th 1978.

Snipets - "School Principal" (1980)

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Here is another rare Snipets segment! These would air on Field Communications stations such as WFLD Channel 32 in the 70's and 80's.

This segment shows you what the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of a school principal (Miss Thorton) are.

Produced by Field Communications Corporation.

This aired on local Chicago TV in the Summer of 1980. (1979 Copyright)

True Value Hardware Stores - "Mother's Day Special Gifts" with Lee Phillip (Commercial, 1976)

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Here's one for all the mothers (and those that love them) out there - a commercial for True Value Hardware Stores, with Lee Phillip spotlighting Mother's Day special gift values including the Hamilton Beach Broiler/Skillet for $19.88, West Bend Quick-Drip Coffee Brewer for $24.99, and Rival Crock-Pot (with stoneware that lifts out) for $22.88.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, May 2nd 1976.