Son of Svengoolie - Assorted Clips Compilation (Part 9)

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This was on the same tape as the other bits, so I am calling it part 9 from a compilation of assorted Son of Svengoolie clips. I did not make this compilation - it has been floating around the trading circles for a long time, and this is the best copy I've been able to find. It has some neat clips you will not see anywhere else.


What looks like an Entertainment Tonight (from Friday the 13th of - 1983, 1984?) report on local horror hosts from around the country, including:

(Scott Osbourne reporting)

Late Night Fright Theatre
Son of Svengoolie (Woo-hoo!)
George Lewis of Ghost Host Theater
Scream Theatre
Count Gregore's Horror Theatre
Lucretia's Creature Features
Nite Theater
Theatre of the Macabre
Movie Macabre
Roland - Philadelphia, 1958 (John Zacherle)
Elvira (Cassandra Peterson)
Dungeon of Dramas with Darcinia the Duchess of Darkness
Superhost (from Cleveland, Ohio)
Fritz the Nite Owl - Columbus, Ohio (Fritz Peerenboom)
Big Chuck and Little John (also from Cleveland, Ohio)
Son of Svengoolie - Chicago (Rich Koz - hey, why no interview?)
Count Scary's Party Time (?)

Other hosts in this clip that people have id'ed:

- Sammy Terry (Bob Carter, Indiana)
- Chilly Billy (Bill Cardille, Chiller Theatre, Pennsylvania)
- John Stanley (Creature Features, California)
- Crematia Mortem (Roberta Solomon, Creature Feature, Missouri)
- Dr. Paul Bearer (Dick Bennick, Creature Feature, Florida

If there are any other hosts or shows in here that anyone can ID, let me know.

Date Uploaded: 10/18/2007

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