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WBKB Channel 7 - Midwest Sports Special - "Inside the World of Hockey with the Chicago Blackhawks" (Part 5, 1964)

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Here's Part 5 of Midwest Sports Special - "Inside the World of Hockey with the Chicago Blackhawks," hosted by Frank Sweeney, as aired on WBKB (now WLS) Channel 7. This was transferred from the original film, and thus has no commercials. Featured in this part are players Bobby Hull, Elmer "Moose" Vasko, Pierre Pilote, Stan Mikita, Phil Esposito and John McKenzie, general manager Tommy Ivan, coach Bobby Reay, and trainer Nick Garen. Includes:

After demonstrations of the...

Wrigley's Orbit Sugar-Free Gum (Commercial, 1977)

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Here's a commercial for Wrigley's Orbit Sugar-Free Gum - "For a taste that's out of this world."

"With Xylitol"

This aired on local Rockford, IL TV on Monday, November 28th 1977. (not Chicago, but close enough)

Bell System - "Electronic Switching" (Commercial, 1980)

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Here is a commercial for the Bell System that advertises their efforts to switch over to the new ESS, or Electronic Switching System, that paved the way for such features as Call-Waiting and Caller-ID.

"The Bell System - Keeping Your Communications System the Best in the World."

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, March 23rd, 1980.

Bergner's - "Christmas Toyland" (Commercial, 1964?)

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Yes, it's Christmas in July here at FuzzyMemoriesTV!

Here's a "Toyland" ad for Bergner's - a famous department store in Peoria, IL at the Sheridan Village Shopping Center.

Music is a quirky instrumental of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

"It's a mad, mad world of holiday fun..." (Could this be a reference to the film?)

Not sure when this aired exactly, but based on various evidence Christmastime of 1964 seems a good...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Sorting It Out (Part 3, 1976)

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Here's Part 3, the final part, of an episode of Sorting It Out on WMAQ Channel 5. Sorting It Out was a locally produced news magazine type show that featured interesting people and events around Chicagoland. It starred Bob Smith and a pre-Cheers Shelley Long, who at this point was still mostly known for her work in Homemakers furniture commercials.

This part includes a look at an exhibit at...

A Christmas Moment - "Armenia" With Mike Conners (1982)

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Here's one of another series of short pieces on different country's Christmas celebrations, featuring celebrities - in this case, Mike Connors (TV's Mannix). Here he talks about the traditions of Armenia.

Brought to you by The Bell System - Bell Brings the World Closer.

These seem very similar to the other series "The 24 Days of Christmas" - I think they just repackaged them with a different title.

This aired on local Chicago TV in December of...

Danley Garages - "That's Why We're Number One!" (Commercial, 1984)

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Finally! Here's the Danley Garages commercial (albeit a short version) featuring stop-motion animation and the memorable jingle, "Danley - Building Your Garage with Quality - Depend on Danley - That's Why We're Number One!"

"Danley - Home of Garage World - Your Car's Best Friend"

"Dial G-A-R-A-G-E-S"

This aired on local Chicago TV on Wednesday, July 4th 1984.

WSNS Channel 44 - Fútbol (On-Screen Station ID, 1986)

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Here's an on-screen station ID for WSNS Channel 44 during a broadcast of Futbol (Soccer - not sure what match it is - World Cup?). I thought it was interesting that they're using the same station ID as long before the Spanish transition.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, June 5th 1986.

Tootsie Pops - "How Many Licks?" (Commercial, 1982)

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With this video we have reached a milestone! We now have exactly 2500 videos viewable on this site! Woo-hoo!

In honor of the record, here's a classic - the famous "How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?" commercial where a boy consults Mr. Turtle and wise old Mr. Owl for the answer.

Voices: Ralph James as Mr. Turtle, Paul Winchell as Mr. Owl.

"The world may never know."

This aired on local...