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WBKB Channel 7 - Midwest Sports Special - "Inside the World of Hockey with the Chicago Blackhawks" (Part 1, 1964)

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Here's Part 1 of Midwest Sports Special - "Inside the World of Hockey with the Chicago Blackhawks," as aired on WBKB (now WLS) Channel 7. The host of this in-depth look at the team was Frank Sweeney. This was transferred from the original film, and thus has no commercials.

This part begins with the old-style academy leader which counted by feet rather than frames (as opposed to the more common SMPTE Universal film leader). The program itself begins with some shots of ...

WGN Channel 9 - Garfield Goose and Friends - "Clutch Cargo" (1971?)

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Here's an interesting discovery! A 16mm film, found by Mr. Chance Mitchell on Ebay and graciously donated to us - it starts out with a vintage WGN Color Station ID (the same one we saw at the beginning of the Bozo's Circus: The Lost Tape special (albeit with different music), which is why I date this, for lack of a better guess, as from 1971)

Then follows the most complete, and richest-color-looking opening for Garfield Goose and Friends that I have ever seen bef...

WSNS Channel 44 - Popeye with Steve Hart - "Animal Corner" (1975)

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Here's the "Animal Corner" segment of Popeye with Steve Hart which aired on WSNS Channel 44. This segment was hosted by Bob Hoffman. This was from the original master tape, recorded on August 12th 1975. Includes:

"Animal Corner" bumper and intro (voiceover by Steve Hart)

Bob Hoffman shows a baby pigeon, who is technically called a "squeaker" as he emphasizes. Even with background music, we can still hear this baby pigeon squeak, which is how they got t...

WLS Channel 7 - The Saturday Night Movie - "The Tiger Makes Out" (Commercial Break, 1982)

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Here's a full commercial break for the WLS Channel 7 Saturday Night Movie presentation of "The Tiger Makes Out". (and no, it's not about Mr. Woods) Includes:

"The Saturday Night Movie" bumper

Fair Housing Center PSA

Yogurt PSA from the ADA - American Dairy Association of Wisconsin, featuring Olympian and World Class Cyclist, Beth Heiden - "Yogurt Goes With You!"

Des Plaines Chrysler-Plymouth at 622 East Northwest Highway (Route 14) ...

WMAQ Channel 5 - Rock World (Part 5, 1980)

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Here's Part 5 of a complete edition of Rock World, a weekly pre-MTV music video show that aired on WMAQ Channel 5 (simulcast on WXRT 93 FM). Includes:

Video of a live performance by Steve Forbert - "Romeo's Tune" followed by "The Sweet Love That You Give (Sure Goes a Long Long Way)"

Commercial: GV Jeans with Hot Pockets by Murjani (same one shown at certain points through the show)

Commercial: Connie Shoes (again!) - at Watertower Place, ...

WGN Channel 9 - Sunday Matinee - "The World of Hans Christian Andersen" (Opening, 1977)

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Here's the opening moments of the Sunday Matinee presentation of the 1971 animated feature "The World of Hans Christian Andersen" on WGN Channel 9. Includes:

"Season's Greetings From The WGN Family" bumper

Sunday Matinee "camera and filmstrip" slide, with Raymond Lefevre and His Orchestra's version of The Young Rascals' "Groovin'," and voiceover (by ?) introducing the movie and having a little flub with "Christmas Dray..."

"NTA Relea...

Pulsar - "Holiday Gifts Around The World" (Commercial, 1985)

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Here's a Christmas commercial for Pulsar Watches.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Tuesday, December 10th 1985.

WLS Channel 7 - The 3:30 Movie - "Jason And The Argonauts" (Opening, 1978)

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Well, here it is - the opening to The 3:30 Movie on WLS Channel 7!! The movie was "Jason and the Argonauts" - unfortunately the beginning of the film cuts off the last couple seconds of the theme song - which you can hear in the bumpers, which I will post.

Funny, but I've seen these graphics elsewhere - they were also used for the same era's The Late Movie on WLS - except of course for the title change, everything else was the same - same swirling star graphics, ...

Dos Equis - "The Uncommon Import" (Commercial, 1980)

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Here's a commercial for Dos Equis beer with some guys that aren't exactly the most interesting men in the world.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Wednesday, July 9th 1980.