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WGN Channel 9 - Cartoon Capers (Opening, 1978)

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Here's the opening moments of "Cartoon Capers" on WGN Channel 9. Includes:

"Last Farewell" video animated station ID (voiceover by Bob Bell who also provides time check)

Brief shot of Cartoon Capers bumper slide - anyone remember this?

Accompanying music consisting of 1945-55 version of "Merrily We Roll Along" as heard on the opening of countless Warner Bros. "Merrie Melodies" cartoons - dissolving into opening title sequence and first mome...

67 WMAQ Radio - "Dancing Dollars" (Commercial, 1980)

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Here's a commercial for 67 WMAQ Radio's Dancing Dollars contest, with offers of cash and prizes for station listeners, featuring the memorable "stacks of cash with legs" dancing and doing a "Rockettes" type number.

"Everyone's coming up a winner!"

This aired on local Chicago TV late Saturday, February 16th 1980.

WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 at 10pm - "Gas Crunch" (Partial Commercial Break & News Excerpt, 1979)

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Here's a partial commercial break and partial NewsCenter5 special report on the gas crunch and efforts to spur conservation, as aired on WMAQ Channel 5. With anchor Jim Ruddle and correspondent Roberta Baskin. Includes:

Incomplete, partial commercial for WLAK 94 FM Stereo, with a theme of 94 being everywhere - including at the Chicago Board of Trade, the price of a fur coat, and a Chicago Bulls score

Jim Ruddle reads a news item about California Governor...

Just Pants (Commercial, 1978)

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"Just Pants" - right across the street from "Virtuous Shoes".

This aired on local Chicago TV early Sunday, August 20th 1978 during the 12:00am to 12:30am timeframe.

WGN Channel 9 - Ray Rayner and His Friends - "Railway Visitor" (Excerpt, 1977)

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Here's another FuzzyMemoriesTV Exclusive! A lost clip of the Ray Rayner show from 8-25-77 straight from 2" Quad!

Features a talk with Jon Romelton - Railroad Conductor at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, August 25th 1977.

WGN Channel 9 - Bozo's Circus - "Frazier's Pledge" (1978)

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Here's a segment from Bozo's Circus on WGN Channel 9, featuring Frazier Thomas reciting an uber-patriotic dissection of the Pledge of Allegiance. (which came from an old Red Skelton record, apparently, as Frazier notes, "on Columbia Records...and Published by Valentine Music").

You can see Red Skelton reciting this piece himself, here.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Tuesday, July...

WGN Channel 9 - The Late Movie - "Destination Moon" (Ending Excerpt, 1977)

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Here's the ending bumper and beginning of the first commercial for the Late Movie presentation of "Destination Moon" on WGN Channel 9.

Ending of "Destination Moon" - This is the End of the Beginning

"Kaleidoscope" bumper for the WGN Late Movie

Beginning of Record offer for "Disco Hustle" by Adam VIII Ltd. ‎

Recording cuts out, sadly...

This (most likely) aired on local Chicago TV early Wednesday, January 1...

WMAQ Channel 5 - News 5 Chicago Night Report (Opening Segment, 1972)

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Here's a neat superVintage clip - the first three minutes of the Channel 5 10pm News from 1972! Includes:

Station ID with voiceover "This is WMAQ-TV, Chicago" by ??

Opening to the News 5 Chicago Night Report "with Floyd Kalber, Harry Volkman, Johnny Morris, and Len O'Connor" (voiceover by ??)

Floyd Kalber reports on the proposed 1973 Chicago School Budget and cuts and layoffs deemed necessary by Chicago Public Schools Superintendent James R...

Walgreens - "The Prescription People" (Commercial, 1972)

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Here's a neat old commercial for Walgreens - the drug store we all grew up with. (even though Walgreens isn't strictly a "local" business, I'm putting it in that category for this one)

Check out that groovy green - what would you call it? Apothecary jar or something like that? It's on the counter during the part where people are picking up their prescriptions. I remember those. :-)

This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, November 27th 1972