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WLS Channel 7 - Friday Night - "Steve & Garry" (Part 2, 1981)

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In honor of Steve Dahl's new foray into the world of Podcast Broadcasting (which begins today - check out for more info) - here is a vintage Steve & Garry appearance on WLS Channel 7's Friday Night with Jay Levine.

Part 2 features Steve talking about the negotiations with other local stations including WMET and WLS, his ratings at WDAI, his feelings about becoming a father, and how many times he's been fi...

WLS Channel 7 - The 3:00 Movie - "The Power" (Bumper Promo, 1981)

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Here's a quick bumper promo for The 3:00 Movie presentation of "The Power" (Part 1) on WLS Channel 7.

Voiceover by Ernie Anderson.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, September 24th 1981 @ a little bit before 12 Noon! (Airing on WFLD at that time? Underdog!)

WLS Channel 7 - Planet of the Apes (Promo, 1982)

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Here's a neat promo for WLS Channel 7's late-night airing of Planet of the Apes featuring some cool animation and one of the best ever doing the narration.

Voiceover by Ernie Anderson.

"Imagine yourself at the mercy of apes..."

This promo aired on local Chicago TV on Saturday, January 30th 1982 during the 6:30pm to 7:00pm timeframe.

WLS Channel 7 - Eyewitness Newsbrief With Jay Levine (1979)

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Here is a WLS Channel 7 Eyewitness Newsbrief with Jay Levine. (who later worked for WBBM Channel 2)

This newsbrief aired on local Chicago television on Sunday, September 16th 1979.

WLS Channel 7 - The 3:00 Movie - "The Wind And The Lion" (Commercial Break, 1982)

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Here's a complete commercial break that I found for the WLS Channel 7 3:00 Movie airing of "The Wind and the Lion". Includes:

3:00 Movie bumper
Homer's Furniture
The Optical Department at Sears

Zayre - Grand Opening Sale at West Armitage & Hamlin Avenue(Remember - Starts Sunday, Sale Ends Saturday)

Jordache (available at Chess King)

WLS-TV Editorial featuring General Manager Peter Desnoes - regarding Hispanic Business ...

WLS Channel 7 - "The Late Night Movie" (New Opening, 1987)

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By at least June of 1987, WLS had changed over to their new computer generated open for "The Late Night Movie". I'm sure everyone would agree it was not as good as the old one - but then again, what is?

This aired on local Chicago TV in June of 1987.

WLS Channel 7 - FBI Bulletin, Reflections & Station Sign-Off (1979)

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Here's an FBI Bulletin, Reflections and Station Sign-off from WLS Channel 7. Includes:

WLS promo for the "new" 3:00 Movie - "Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?" (voiceover by Dick Tufeld) (was this during a trial period of the 3:00 Movie? Or only done for the purpose of airing a 2 hour movie instead of an hour and a half one?) (why did they wait another whole year before officially switching the time?)

FBI Bulletin (voiceover by Wayne Atkinson) for...

WLS Channel 7 - Eyewitness Newsbrief With Fahey Flynn (Bumper Promo, 1980)

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Here is a quick bumper promo for the WLS Channel 7 Eyewitness News with Fahey Flynn - The Oscar Nominees tonight at 10.

This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, February 25th, 1980.

WLS Channel 7 - AM Chicago - "The Chambers Sisters" (Brief Excerpt, 1980?)

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Here is a brief segment of AM Chicago which aired on WLS Channel 7 featuring twins Kathleen Chambers and Colleen Chambers.

Interviewer is Sandi Freeman. Kind of neat you can see the old AM Chicago set with the audience - you can also make out the stained glass logo in the background.

Also featuring Dottie and Ethel, and June and Jan Picaro (?).

Not sure when this aired, but I'm sure Frank could tell us the year - 1980?