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ON TV - Adults Only (Ending & Beginning of Short Subject, 1981)

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Here's the ending of the "Optional Service" of Adults Only mode, which was presenting the movie "The World of Henry Paris". Includes:

Ending of "The World of Henry Paris"

Ending of Optional Service mode with woiceover by WSNS' former General Manager/Announcer Mal Wyman.

ON TV "Short Subject" opening graphic

Opening of short film from The National Film Board of Canada - "A Phantasy" by Norman McLaren

This aired on loca...

ON TV - "Coming Soon" (Promos, 1981)

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Here are some promos from ON TV. Includes:

Ending of "It's My Turn".

ON TV "Coming" graphic

Trailer for "The Formula" starring George C. Scott and Marlon Brando (with "Monday ON TV - Consult your guide" on-screen graphic)

The Rolling Stones Live in Concert (Simulcast on WLS AM & FM) on Friday, December 18th.

ON TV Subscription Television ID (voiceover by WSNS' former General Manager/Announcer Mal Wyman)


ON TV - Adults Only - "Russ Meyer's SuperVixens" (Opening, 1981)

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Here's another transition from regular ON TV Subscription Television programming to the "Optional Service" of Adults Only mode, which was presenting the movie "Russ Meyer's SuperVixens". (this immediately followed the presentation of "Alien".

Quality on this one is better than "The World of Henry Paris" intro from before. There is a bit of a technical difficulties moment however, when the Adults Only opening animation tape gets screwed up and we see black for a bit. Notice, ...

Tele1st - "Scrambled Delights" (1984)

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Here's an example of some scrambled programming on Tele1st. As Chris (Phantom) described earlier, we see the picture cycling between normal and inverted (negative) colors. And the sound has a constant sharp percussive beat in the background while the program audio sounds like it is smooshed together.

All in all, I wouldn't have wanted to be a teenager on drugs while watching this.
I edited together some segments separated by fade-outs. This was worth $25.95...

ON TV/WFLD Channel 32 - ON TV Sign-Off & Nite-Owl Bleed-Thru (1981)

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Ok, here's something kind of nuts, but I thought some people might want to see it anyway. Here's the ending of Apocalypse Now and then the station sign-off for ON TV on WSNS Channel 44. Once the station goes off the air, you can just barely make out the "bleed through" of WFLD Channel 32's signal where they were airing Nite-Owl!

At various times throughout this I can make out "Weather Update" (with a Sun graphic, the Nite-Owl logo, the Keyfax "key" at the top left of...

ON TV - "Premiere Night" (Opening, 1980)

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Here's the opening moments of the premiere night of ON TV Subscription Television which aired in Chicago on WSNS Channel 44.

This starts with the video animated ON TV ID, then the introductory promo which promotes the new subscription channel as a "revolution in Chicago broadcasting."

The first night's lineup includes "10" with Bo Derek, Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews; "Norma Rae" with Sally Field; and "Slap Shot" with Paul Newman. Brief clips from other films...

ON TV - Adults Only - "Maraschino Cherry" (Opening, ID, & Ending, 1982)

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Here's the opening, on-screen station ID, and ending for the Adults Only presentation of the 1978 film "Maraschino Cherry" (starring Gloria Leonard, Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven and Constance Money) on ON TV. (Note: This clip was strategically cut together by me to give you only the slightest hint of naughty) Includes:

Last little bit of previous Adults Only presentation - "SexWorld"

ON TV / WSNS-TV 44 ID slide (voiceover by Mal Wyman)...

Moore Animation - "Demo Reel" (1979?)

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Here's a demo reel for Moore Animation, which specialized in live action, animation and production.

This came from a 3/4" Umatic tape that was kept by Cathy Mustari, art director for WFLD Channel 32 from 1974 to the late '80's, from a time when the station was actively shopping for production houses to handle their graphics for opens/closes, bumpers, promos, etc.

This reel begins with the company logo and a voiceover (by Paul Frees), and includes the following:

United Blood Services (Local PSA, 1986)

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Here is a local PSA for United Blood Services starring Orlando Woolridge of the Chicago Bulls.

This commercial aired on local Chicago TV early Sunday June 29th, 1986.